Digital twinning

Digital twinning technology has been around us for the last 16 years. The technology helps to create an exact replica of the object or the building structure virtually using innovative technologies such as 3D Laser Scanning & Building Information Modeling.

Digital Twinning – Modeling and Simulations

Digital twinning facilitates accurate BIM models & simulations of the construction activities in real-time. The virtual 3D BIM model depicts the as-is condition of the built facility and replicates the structure exactly, benefitting the engineers & facility managers for renovation and retrofitting projects.

Descriptive twin

A visual replica with real-time, editable design and construction information, including 3D models and BIM, is called a descriptive twin.

Informative twin

The more integrated informative twin combines sensor and operations data to provide insights as needed.

Predictive twin

The predictive twin collects contextual data, real-time data, and analytics to find prospective problems.

Comprehensive twin

The comprehensive twin makes use of sophisticated modelling, simulation, and recommendations for possible future scenarios.

Autonomous twin

The autonomous twin uses cutting-edge simulation and 3D visualisation tools, as well as artificial intelligence, to learn and make judgments.

For Accurate Digital Twin application

What is Digital Twinning?

In the building, engineering, and architectural sectors, digital twinning is a dynamic representation of a physical asset. The technology combines real-time data and design for well-informed decision-making. A data-based 3D modeling process ensures detailed insight into an actual planning and forecasting process in a digital twin technology. Through automation, data exchange, and manufacturing process, the digital twin BIM technique offers fundamental development and endless opportunities to the AEC stakeholders.

Our team of certified BIM & 3D laser scanning experts strive to provide you with quality-assured digital twin models created using state-of-the-art technology & tools such as 3D laser scanning. We provide accurately built digital twins which are created in BIM-enabled software programs such as Autodesk Revit and Navisworks.

Digital Twinning- Top BIM Company

Our Process For Digital Twinning

We, at the Top BIM company, possess extensive experience in digital twinning and BIM model creation for architecture, engineering & construction projects. Our team ensures accurate digital twins for a facility management & renovation project, systematically through a streamlined process. Explore the process of digital twinning given below.

Step 1: Data acquisition – Our experts acquire accurate data through techniques such as 3D laser scanning, known as point cloud data.

Step 2: Data processing & Model creation – The point cloud data acquired by the experts is fed into the BIM software and processed. The Scan to BIM modelers create a data-rich model using the data.

Step 3: Model Auditing – The digital twin model is evaluated for various checks and revised if any revisions are required.

Step 4: Final output – The final output is ready after the 3D digital twin model is properly evaluated

Digital Twin Technology- Top BIM Company

Benefits of Digital Twinning

Digital twinning in construction offers a wide range of benefits for architecture, engineering & construction projects. We ensure that AEC projects and construction professionals leverage the advantages of innovative technology for their projects using the digital twins offered by Top BIM, USA. Explore the benefits of digital twins as given below.

Digital Twin Model- Top BIM Company

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