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5D BIM – Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-off Services

Quantity take-offs (QTO) constitute the detailed material measurement required to complete a construction project. Developed by Building Information Modeling experts during the pre-construction phase, the process breaks down the project into smaller and manageable units that are easier to measure or estimate. 5D BIM Quantity Takeoff services help to track budget and make accurate cost analysis. The 5th dimension associated with 3D and 4D enables project stakeholders to visualize construction activities as per cost and time.  


Our 5D BIM Cost Estimation Services

  • Parametric modeling with real-time cost planning 
  • Accurate cost estimate with Revit BIM LOD  
  • Bid estimate enabling profitability 
  • Clash coordination at pre-construction, enabling cost estimate 
  • Construction documentation with precise cost estimates & planning 

How do we work with 5D BIM? 

We use 5D BIM to enable architectural, engineering and construction professionals get greater accuracy of estimates as per project scope, material and workforce. Using this technique, our BIM engineers extract and access costs, evaluating scenarios. We connect the cost factor to a 3D model, making the estimation process precise, automatic and consistent. Our modelers provide automatic quantity takeoff and accurate costs at the pre-construction stage. 5D Bill of Materials (BOQ) help us integrate the schedule module to accelerate the process of contractor payment.  

Get 50% ROI on your BIM modeling or any building construction projects.

Why Choose Us? 

  •  Improved budgeting with 5D BIM estimation 
  • Cost estimation for an entire model, breaking into smaller modules & integrating with actual cost-estimation 
  • Automated quantity take-offs with design updates in schedules, take-offs & measurements 
  • Information modeling with scheduled data through BIM for AEC professionals  
  • Generating an accurate program for construction projects 

Benefits of Availing 5D BIM Services: 

  • Real-time conceptual modeling & cost planning 
  • Pre-fabrication of equipment & MEP system 
  • Cost-effective & sustainable construction solution 
  • Quantity extraction supporting cost estimate

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