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6D BIM Services Supporting Sustainability & Energy Analysis

6D BIM helps to perform analysis of energy consumption. The use of 6D-BIM technology results in complete and accurate energy estimates in the design process. The methodology supports measurement and authentication during building occupation, improving construction processes in high-performance facilities

Benefits of 6D BIM Modeling Services:

  • Aid in getting feasible & effective asset management 
  • Provide a lifetime virtual model to access information for energy analysis simulation 
  • Reduce the overall energy consumption of building model with integrated BIM & green building
  • Enhance accurate decision making for designing & installation of sustainable materials 

6D BIM Services Supporting AEC Project Stakeholders through:        

  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Architects
  • Planning Engineers
  • General Contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Builders
  • Contractors

Key BIM Services for Sustainable Building Design:

  • Building CFD & Energy Analysis for optimal energy usage
  • Heat Load Calculations for competent planning of HVAC systems & airflow across the facility
  • Modeling of Fire & Smoke for planning emergency evacuation routes
  • Wind load &building stability calculations as per wind engineering principles
  • Installation of Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical & Fire Fighting equipment &fabrication drawings

Residential Buildings Getting Benefited through 6D BIM with:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • 360-degree visualization of the building model, identifying the place for construction
  • Understanding Photovoltaic Potential
  • BIM helps understanding of the sun & shadow, with a clear idea of optimization
  • Reducing Heat Island Effect
  • BIM facilitates in paving building surface to reduce heat island effect
  • Air Flow Modeling 
  • BIM supports analysis & simulation of computational fluid dynamics airflow

Process of Working

  • Energy Analysis Models (EAM) are used in building energy simulations, which is an abstraction of a building’s form & layout into a ‘computational network’ that can capture the key paths and processes of heat transfer throughout the building effectively.
  • BIM services provide a completely new technique of creating an EAM automatically from Revit BIM components. Revit & Insight 360 are used to deliver higher energy and environmental performance inside the building.
  • Working with Revit BIM Model makes it easier to obtain data about the building model, like its life-cycle energy usage or renewable energy potential. Actual walls along with building elements can be easily drawn in Revit. Hence, the model can be created with the materials, insulation values, and other properties.
  • With the creation of the Revit BIM model, all information can be obtained for building an energy model

Why Choose Tejjy Inc. for 6D BIM?

  • Tejjy Inc. extends engineering expertise for integrating energy modeling with BIM models to facilitate contractors, owners & project stakeholders to build a sustainable building in the USA.
  • Building modeling simulation capabilities of the BIM Modelers assist the owners & facility managers to obtain sustainability goals for energy-efficient buildings. With an extensive understanding of sustainability challenges & knowledge of occupant comfort & safety, Tejjy Inc. supports design, analysis, assessment&verification of energy consumption.
  • Tejjy caters all industry sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare & public facilities, with 6D BIM services. Team of BIM Modelers facilitate building owners, as well as facility managers, navigate the execution of energy-efficient plans.
  • BIM experts of Tejjy Inc. develop a virtual building model enabling stakeholders to access significant information for managing the property, building systems & components by creating the 6D BIM Models in Revit.

To know more, get in touch with Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or email at [email protected] for discussing your BIM Project requirements.