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7D-BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology empowers managers to manoeuvre and maintain facilities throughout the project life cycle. The technique allows the AEC project stakeholders to track asset information like constituent status, specification, operation guide, and permit records. Using 7D-BIM, Architectural, Engineering & Construction professionals can get improved compliance, and a modernized asset life cycle management. 7D BIM helps to manage the data of contractor and facility components through the facility life cycle.

7D BIM Facility Management and Maintenance

Objectives of 7D BIM 

  1. Programming
  2. Record Modeling
  3. Asset management
  4. Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  5. Space Management and Tracking

Benefits of 7D BIM Facilities Management

  • Optimized Asset Management from Design to Demolition
  • Lifecycle BIM Strategies & As-Built
  • BIM Operations & Maintenance Guides
  • Extraction of COBie Data
  • BIM Maintenance Plan 
  • Technical BIM Support
  • File Hosting on Digital Exchange System

Integration of  Facility Management Services with AEC Professionals?

BIM entails a lot of advantages for the entire Architectural, Engineering & Construction industry, especially for the architects, contractors, and facility managers.

• Enhanced Space Management: Building Information Modeling helps in making complete utilization of space as it is easier to envisage the entire building, even before a project is completed. This provides sufficient time for facility managers to plan things and make the most out of the accessible space.

• Boosted Operational Capabilities: BIM allows the storage of crucial data on a single model. This means that the project managers don’t have to browse manually through loads of documents, which are often, hard to trace and understand. Due to the ease of accessibility and rationalized facility management data structure, facility managers can quickly find documentation and accelerate maintenance and administration operations.

• Cost Efficiency: BIM supports cost efficacy in maintenance and building operations. As Building Information Modeling integrates sustainable practices and energy efficiency facets, the technology helps to bring down the overall operating costs. BIM also augments the financial anticipation process associated with maintenance as everything is documented beforehand.

• Comprehensive As-built Documentation for Future Renovation & Maintenance: Building Information Modeling lets facility managers compare real equipment with 3D models and create a comprehensive plan of action. Whether it’s a maintenance or renovation plan, BIM facilitates the future planning process due to detailed as-built documentation.

• Better Collaboration & Flexibility: The primary idea of Building Information Modeling is to improve collaboration and communication amongst various stakeholders. To the facility managers, this means that they can access all technical documentation and work together with various project stakeholders for maintenance operations.

Collaboration of BIM Data and Facility Management?

  • Asset inventories & registries
  • Space management applications
  • Building system & environmental analysis
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Accurate as-built information for renovation

How do BIM Professionals Work?

  • Organize BIM files, drawings & PDFs easily through secure server directories
  • Follow COBie process for facility asset management
  • Modify format of existing deliverables from paper documents to an open standard
  • Streamline process of eliminating waste and increasing profitability

Adoption of Revit BIM Technology Supports

  • Export data & execute zone management
  • Specify family, types, & exported elements
  • Perform a batch update & parameter mapping
  • Keep control over data exported from Revit to spread sheet

Why Seek Tejjy Inc. for BIM Facility Management?

  • Obtain detailed information about facility management – wear & tear, warranty, cost factor, etc.
  • Complete contact record management for projects
  • Data transfer from as-built model to spread sheet
  • Maintenance of updated as-built models
  • Quick troubleshooting through information sharing
  • Improved simulation through design analysis during renovation & modernization
  • Exact virtual representation of building
  • Operational & management cost reduction
  • Space planning, predicting building performance throughout facility lifecycle
  • Improved & precise budgeting for future maintenance

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