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Site Accident Prevention through 8D BIM Modeling

Site Accident Prevention through 8D BIM Modeling

An effective means of preventing hazards on the construction site is through 8D BIM technology. AEC professionals are able to detect risks at the early design stage of projects with the help of 8D BIM. The technique, acts as a proficient means of dealing with a hazard and eliminating it at the source by preventing design errors. Building Information Modeling simulates and optimizes designs through feasibility studies, stakeholders’ concern, constructability, sustainability analysis, operational efficiency, site layout, as well as facilities management. BIM optimizes the building design for delivering the best outcome at the design stage. 

Benefits of 8D BIM Modeling:

  • Delineating Risk for BIM Model Elements
  • Safe Design Recommendation
  • Onsite Risk Control for Uncontrolled Hazards through Design Amendment

Process of Working:

8D modeling translates the conceptual framework for BIM into a computer system through:

1. An interface for bringing in IFC files of BIM (Building Information Modeling) models onto an investigation stage.

2. A knowledge base encompassing risk profiles of building components for a combination of diverse construction methods, safe design suggestions for hazardous elements & on-site hazard control recommendations for hazards that cannot be eradicated through design revisions.

3. An analysis engine that mechanically performing risk audits on imported IFC files of BIM models.

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