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As-built Modeling

An as-built model is a virtual representation of the structure in its current condition. As-built models are used to facilitate the facility managers and the maintenance team for effective maintenance. TopBIM company in the USA provides comprehensive as-built services to an array of sectors such as residential, commercial, historic structures, schools and hospitals, as well. 

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As-built Modeling – How do we do?

As a top design-build firm in Maryland, TopBIM company delivers as-built services across the USA. Through a systematic procedure, our expert BIM engineers & crew strive to provide accurate as-builts. Explore the process of TopBIM company for as-built services.  

  • The built facility is precisely scanned using a 3D laser scanner for accurate data capture. 
  • The point cloud data acquired through LiDAR scanning is imported into BIM-compatible software such as Autodesk Revit. 
  • The point cloud data, once imported, is processed into a comprehensive building information model. 
  • The BIM model derived using the software depicts a detailed three-dimensional representation of the built structure with the finest details. 
  • Construction professionals and facility managers utilize the Revit BIM model for repairs, restoration, remodeling and maintenance of the structures. 

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Why choose us? 

TopBIM company is one of the best 3D modeling and BIM companies in the USA. We offer detailed BIM models for facility and operation management. 

  •  We use the latest 3D laser scanners and BIM compatible software for delivering accurate as-built modeling. 
  • Precise point cloud data acquired by our BIM crew through LiDAR scanning gets converted into a detailed BIM model. 


  •  An as-built model reflects the built facility in its present “as-is” condition. 
  • It gives accurate details about the location of areas for improvements, facilitating the maintenance and renovation of a structure. 
  • As-builts developed using 3D laser scanning are effective for restoration of the historic structures, offering great details and specifications for effective outputs. 
  • It helps to minimize the efforts and reduces the cost of building repairs through precise building inspection data. 

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