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Autodesk Construction Cloud Software For Construction Professionals

Autodesk Construction Cloud Software For Construction
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Autodesk is the leading software company that digitizes construction workflow in the Architectural Engineering Construction and Operation (AECO) industry. It had introduced multiple BIM and CAD (Computer-aided Design) software like AutoCAD, Revit, Max 3D, etc. to fasten the construction work process. The software removed the necessity of the traditional construction process and developed a new, safe, and efficient way of construction project execution.

Further, the advanced software package of BIM 360 was developed by Autodesk to work collaboratively in a single platform throughout the building life cycle. Now the whole package of BIM 360 addition with more advanced features is known as Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). The package allows users to work collaboratively in the cloud-based server on a real-time basis.

To make construction more reliable, secure, and efficient, Autodesk Construction solutions brought together the best resources to unify office and on-site teams from the designing to construction and operation stage.

Autodesk Construction Cloud – Connecting Teams, Data, And Workflows at Every Stage of Construction

Key Features of Autodesk Construction Cloud Products

The Building Information Modeling software package consists of multiple products that have interesting and useful features to execute an AEC project efficiently. The BIM professionals of Tejjy Inc. are well versed with the software toolset and dedicated to delivering quality assured optimized project delivery.

Autodesk Build

For construction professionals, extensive field and project management software offer a connected set of tools that enhances easy communication and encourages timely and within-budget project delivery.

Benefits of Autodesk Build

  • Project Management: The toolset ensures scheduled project execution, better collaboration and diminishes construction error, rework, and miscommunication amongst project teams.
  • Quality Management: Cloud-based single platform helps in tracking all project issues in the common data environment (CDE) and resolves them far before onsite construction. This helps BIM experts and project stakeholders to reduce onsite costly rework and keeps project on track.
  • Safety Management: Autodesk Build develop a user-friendly, replicable safety program that allows all team members to take ownership of site safety during construction process.
  • Cost Control: Single platform for project management and field execution allows monitoring cost activities and helps in identifying reasons and scope of cost impact.

Autodesk Takeoff

The toolset of Autodesk Takeoff is a single solution that generates accurate 3D quantity and 2D takeoffs from 3D models. Precise quantity takeoffs increase the chance of winning more projects as it aids in generating competitive bids.

Benefits of Autodesk Takeoff

  • Collaboration: Autodesk construction cloud connects construction teams and estimators with a single cloud-based data management platform in order to work utilizing single source of real-time data.
  • Automation: The best BIM service provider Tejjy Inc. utilizes Autodesk takeoff to generate more precise and automated quantity takeoffs from 3D models. The automated tool of the construction cloud captures the detailed quantities following the maximum scope of the project and saves time.
  • Visualization: Project stakeholders visualize the project scope in 3D to avoid rework and gain a better understanding of design intent. The construction cloud software allows architects, engineers, contractors, and other project stakeholders to identify and resolve design error and constructability issues. A single inventory provides 2D and 3D quantities throughout the construction phase.

Autodesk BIM Collaborate

The single cloud-based ACC connects project teams, stakeholders, and data in the digital world that ensures collaborative, coordinated, fast, and automated workflow. The widespread accountability and end-to-end communication help in delivering quality assured BIM projects on time and within budget.

Benefits of Autodesk BIM Collaborate

  • Collaborative: Autodesk construction solutions allow AEC professionals to stay on track with relevant tools that keep the BIM team updated about the real-time changes and project progression.
  • Automation: The advanced features of BIM software allow automated multi-trade clash detection and resolution that helps designers and other BIM project teams to manage high-priority issues.
  • Project Insight: The powerful analytical tool of Autodesk cloud connect helps construction professionals to get an overview of the project outcome.
  • Co-Authoring Workflow: Designers of Tejjy Inc. work collaboratively on shared files using Revit cloud for Civil 3D and AutoCAD Plant 3D files.

Autodesk Construction Solutions – Connecting Project Teams

Build Trust, Remove Miscommunication, and Bridge the Gap Through Autodesk Construction Solutions

  • General Contractor: The construction cloud software tool connects field and office that reduces cost consumption and improvises transparency amongst project teams.
  • Subcontractors: Autodesk cloud connect tools helps in delivering project on time and within budget for contractors onsite and in the office.
  • Designers: Real-time BIM collaboration and multi-trade coordination ensure flawless constructible design.
  • Owners: Construction cloud software allows owners to connect with their build partners throughout the building lifecycle and access any file from anywhere across the world.

The benefit of Autodesk Construction Solutions in Every Building Stage

Construction does not take place in isolation. Project teams must work collaboratively with shared access to crucial project documentation and data. Cloud-based project management helps in avoiding data silos and misinterpretations. The Autodesk Construction Cloud features are incorporated with a thorough grasp of each important project-specific workflow requirement. The first priority is to facilitate such features that improve productivity, save time, and reduce cost consumption. The end result is a collection of finely constructed tools that, when used together elegantly solve critical construction errors.

Autodesk Construction Solutions for Designing Stage

Design Authoring | Design Collaboration

Autodesk connect allows project teams, architects, and engineers to collaborate on multi-trade coordinated, shared design files irrespective of their location, project stage, or, role in the project. Better design development and collaboration reduce the chances of data loss during the handover stage. Fully integrated design and construction for a more collaborative, transparent relationship between designers and contractors.

Autodesk Construction Cloud transforms designs from a concept and set of documents into a living asset that meets the building requirements throughout its existence.

Autodesk Construction Solutions for Planning Stage
Coordination | Model Conditioning | Quantification | Bid Management | Qualification

Autodesk Construction Cloud toolset helps in improving the quality of designs and their constructability, developing precise takeoffs, and identifying the ideal builders for each job. To reduce risk on every project, use the industry’s greatest network of builders and vendor qualification management. Streamline collaboration amongst all project stakeholders using cloud-based technology that automates laborious chores and streamlines collaboration.

The preconstruction team of Tejjy Inc. streamlines coordination, model conditioning, quantification, bid management, and qualifying using Autodesk Construction Cloud tools, allowing them to execute bid competitively, mitigate financial risks, design intent, and remain profitable.

Autodesk Construction Solutions for Building Stage

Project Management | Cost Management | Field Collaboration | Quality Management | Safety Management | Project Closeout

Construction is sometimes fragmented, with disconnects between project phases leading to uncertainty and lack of control over project execution. Connecting concerns, RFIs, and lack of collaboration between field and office, moreover evaluating that data with machine learning led to positive impact on cost, schedule, quality, and safety on any job. Promoting interoperability between work stages, and turning project data into actionable intelligence by reducing silos Autodesk Construction Cloud helps to break down these obstacles.

Autodesk Construction Solutions for Operation Stage

Facilities Management 

Connect BIM asset data generated during the designing and construction stage to building operations for model viewing, scheduling, and maintenance checklists. Owners receive clear visibility into project status, modifications, and issues when all project teams collaboratively work on a common data platform.

With ACC Connect Autodesk, improved visualization indicates more expected project outcomes and more profitable projects.

Wrapping Up

Autodesk has developed best-in-class software as Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) which is built for simplicity yet powerful. Connecting designing, engineering, contractors, and field teams from the designing stage, planning, construction, and operations. The specialized BIM team of Tejjy Inc. provides design-build service to projects from small residential projects to large multi-story building projects that may be commercial, residential, industrial, water waste management, health care, or, entertainment building. Consult with us to know more about Autodesk Construction Cloud.