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BIM Increasing Productivity in Design Build & Construction

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BIM Increasing Productivity in Building Design & Construction
The Building Information Modeling (BIM) process gets reinforced by a wide array of tools from different sources that are designed to enhance productivity in the building design and construction industry. These technical tools help to support and implement BIM marketing at various levels.
·         Parametric Revit BIM Modeling Brings Behavioral Change Management
Autodesk has been at the front of object-oriented AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) specific 3D CAD and the companies widely using AutoCAD software applications allow a degree of BIM in the realm of structural design, cost estimate, and third party scheduling. However, its practicality gets restricted owing to CAD & object-CAD solutions that are more effective than direct CAD attached in graphics. Hence, it is barely ever used for Building Information Modeling. This is because it cannot match with parametric building modeling technology combining a behavioral change management model with a geometry-based data model.
·         Revit Parametric Modeling Adjusts Design Elements in an Integrated Way
Revit Parametric modeling is created based on numerous pre-programmed parameters or algorithms that mechanically adjust design elements when changes are made to the model. Autodesk Revit software platform is certainly the most extensively used parametric building technology software used for BIM. It was developed especially for delivering an integrated, self-coordinating building information model.
·         BIM Depends on Smart Engineering & Architectural Objects
Significantly, the inexperienced BIM users should understand that parametric building modeling is vital to BIM but all parametric modelers can’t scale to building projects. To take an instance, geometry-based products depend on manual corrections. The BIM (Building Information Modeling) solutions indeed depend on smart engineering & architectural objects. However, unless the entire model has a data network linking all the objects and elements of a building, inter-element relationships cannot be retained while making modifications. The model also contains adequate information for assessing and investigating building performance so that an entirely coordinated, consistent, and precise documents can be produced instantly in the same way figures get updated in a database while making changes.
·         The flexibility of BIM Adding Value to Building Design
Competent engineering firms in the USA produce design drawings and construction schedules and synchronize that instantly with BIM, thus simplifying and enhancing building design in every possible way. The flexibility of the BIM-enabled highly advanced parametric modeling technology is presently unsurpassed.
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