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BIM Opens the Door to Jobs

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Nowadays, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the buzzword for the Construction Industry. The model-based approach enhances efficiency within organizations and during coordinated project delivery. BIM provides the benefits of time and budget savings for projects. Construction industry professionals are investing in this technology for saving costs and increasing profit. The bottom-line benefits are emphasized by various market reports like Dodge Data Analysis, Smart Market, and more. Some of the benefits include reality capture, reduced wastage, complete control through digital model-based workflow, improved collaboration, 4D simulation and visualization, and lots more. However, what’s the top-line advantage of BIM that facilitates business to fuel growth, acquiring new projects? How can you use BIM technology for increasing your AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) firm’s ability to get work?

Here are a few ways:

1) An Edge over Competitors

BIM provides an edge over your competitors. However, many firms shy away from implementing this technology in their construction workflow. While competing for work, construction firms who have implemented BIM can often convince project owners. As a result of which they get a competitive advantage over firms who have not adopted this technology. The concept of BIM adoption applies to innovations with BIM, including 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and 7D. While bidding for projects, your project owner may ask you specific questions like – “Does your firm work with 5D?”, “Do you have the expertise of working with BIM for Energy Modeling?” or “How much you are comfortable working with 7D BIM Facility Management?’’ Your competitors may use all the specialties and can exclude you from getting the new work during the initial stage of project bidding if you are not using BIM.

2) Improved Project Planning & Execution

Implementing BIM in construction workflow increases project efficiency through improved project planning and execution. Analyze your BIM execution plan ahead of time. Figure out the best way of working with external teams. While working on a collaborative project, it becomes crucial to ensure that everyone working on the project has seamless coordination among themselves. A competent BIM methodology focuses on the staff training requirements of an organization, considering Cost to Benefit Study, Acquisition New Software and Integration of BIM Standards into the Existing Work Processes. As a result of which, you can estimate the costs and benefits of implementing BIM considering both the short term and the long term expenses.

3) Real Business Benefit from Seamless Collaboration

Building Information Modeling provides you actual business benefits ranging from Return on Investment calculations, progression development, and improved construction project outcome. Using BIM, you can create digital models for design, construction & project operation. The technology helps you to exchange project data and communicate ideas seamlessly among the team, enabling collaboration and integrated design & construction approach.

If you implement the latest technologies like BIM, you will get more leads. Businesses will seek you for working with complex projects. Gear up to become a leader in Building Information Modeling, and the leadership will lead you to opportunities.

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