BIM Model Auditing

Our BIM auditing services assist clients in thoroughly assessing the BIM models of their construction projects and eliminate the inefficiencies in order for effectiveness during construction.

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BIM Model auditing is an essential service that lets you evaluate your project’s Building Information Model and eliminates the interferences and inefficiencies before the actual construction. Mainly there are 3 types of evaluation that a BIM model undergoes in BIM model auditing process. 

Visual Checks

Visual checks are the simplest method of quality assurance, looking for visual errors in BIM models and drawings. At TopBIM, visual testing is typically carried out using native software or viewers.

Clash Checks

Clash checks using Navisworks or any other comparable technologies are used to find clashes or interferences on the 3D BIM models to provide insights that cannot be found through visual testing.

Nomenclature Check

We perform a check to see if the files are named accurately, in accordance with the project guidelines, and according to the file naming standard to increase auditing management and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

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What is BIM Model Auditing?

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BIM Model Auditing Process

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Process for BIM Auditing | TopBIM Company

Benefits of BIM Auditing

The following are some advantages of BIM model auditing and assessment services: –

Why choose Us For BIM Auditing?

TopBIM is a renowned design-build company in the USA with extensive 15-year experience. For your construction projects, our in-house team of certified BIM experts provides quality-assured BIM model auditing and assessment services. Using cutting-edge BIM technology, we guarantee excellent model auditing services that are precise and accurate. In order to provide complete BIM services, we adhere to the most recent building design codes and requirements. Using custom-made checklists to meet the requirements of the construction project, we assess the Revit BIM models. Our in-depth model auditing services guarantee quality and consistency in designing BIM 3D models, reducing the likelihood of rework. 

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