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COBie Services

COBie stands for Construction Operations Building Information Exchange. It takes into consideration several formats including spreadsheet, IFC file format, and IFC XML for collecting building data during the design and construction phases. The stored digital information gets transferred to the operations and maintenance team during facility management. Using COBie integrated BIM facility management we capture and store project data at the point of origin, encompassing datasheet, equipment list, warranty, spare part, etc. Our BIM engineers use the data to support project operations, maintenance, and asset management.  We deliver COBie data drops as per client requirements, providing various services for validating, managing and delivering your construction project.


 What is COBie used for?

COBie delivers consistent and structured asset information to the building owner or operator for decision-making at the post-occupancy stage. The technique is established by several US public agencies for enhancing effective handover to building owners.

What are the Specifications of COBie Services?

  • Classification system
  • Customized properties for building items
  • Method of tracking relationship to BIM models
  • Type of delivery process, including continuous, data-drop, change or handover
  • Collection & coordination
  • Stakeholders involved in the process, including owner, contractor, manager, architect, etc

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Stages benefited

Incorporated with BIM software, COBie Services enable: 

  • Proper planning 
  • Designing 
  • Construction 
  • Commissioning
  • Operations 
  • Maintenance 
  • Asset management 

Benefits of Aligning Work Process with COBie:

  • Enable organizations to electronically capture & record project data sheet, warranty, spare part list & maintenance schedule
  • Support facility operations as well as asset management after completion of the building asset

How do we work with Fundamental COBie Values? 

  • Categorization – We help users in finding information, aiding project owners through categorization. 
  • Data model – Our engineers align smart building data models and integrate construction & design technologies with the COBie IFC data model. 
  • Setup – Using the COBie format, we work in various methods, including spreadsheet data transmission and participate in an open BIM project. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Improved data management, enabling organizations to manage data in a common format
  • Enhanced data sharing, reducing the need to re-collect data by facility managers
  • Information compilation to plan projects & facilitate data collection in an accepted format
  • Transfer of information, exporting construction information from BIM authoring tool & importing it to Computer Maintenance Management System resolution

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