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MEP Drafting Services

MEP drafting services act as extended arms to engineering teams for helping AEC clients produce quality MEP designs and drafts. BIM engineers facilitate MEP design firms, contractors and consultants in providing drafting services to enable coordination amongst various systems. Our BIM engineers coordinate with general contractors, engineers, MEP consultants, trade contractors and fabricators to produce accurate construction drawings for mechanical, plumbing and electrical trades. Coordinated MEP drawings resolve clashes amongst trades, identifying optimal routes. We carefully embed fabrication details and installation locations in MEP shop drawings.  

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Work Process

  • Addressing client needs: MEP engineering consultants work with clients and AEC project stakeholders during the design-build phase of the project for producing MEP design development drawings.  
  • Evaluating work for detailed drawing preparation: We prepare detailed design drawings and construction drawings. BIM engineers facilitate HVAC contractors and CAD drafters to prepare coordinated duct and shop drawings. Our plumbing and electrical drafting services also benefit the contractors and builders.  
  • Creating fabrication drawings for offsite fabrication: We provide accurate fabrication drawings to enable offsite fabrication, saving time and reducing project wastage.  
  • Delivering as-built drawings for post-construction: As-built drawings help project owners and facility managers during post-construction stages. 
Revit BIM Services - TopBIM Company

Detailed MEP Drafting Services of Top BIM

Mechanical Drafting:

Electrical Drafting:

Plumbing Drafting:

  • Heating & cooling systems layout 
  • Fire protection system layout 
  • HVAC duct & pipe layout 
  • Riser diagram 
  • Lighting Circuits 
  • Cable drawing & wiring 
  • Electrical panel diagram 
  • Distribution & cable tray layout 


  • Domestic water supply system 
  • Drainage water piping layout 
  • Natural gas piping system 
  • MEP shop drawing 
  • Water distribution plans 
  • Piping isometric 
  • Sectional drawings 

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Detailed MEP Drawing Services

We have gained our insight and knowledge over 15+ years and so are well equipped to handle projects of various sizes and complexities. Our detailed MEP drawings have utmost accuracy, matching with design, construction, and operations.

  • Construction Drawings 
  • Coordination Drawings 
  • Shop Fabrication Drawings 
  • Spool Drawings 
  • Penetration Drawings 
  • Isometric Drawings 
  • As-Built Drawings 
  • Erection Layouts 


Benefits of BIM for Infrastructure:

BIM for Infrastructure is reinterpreted as building an information model for Infrastructure projects. The ‘I’ constitutes to be the most significant aspect of the project workflow. Building Information Modeling starts at the planning and conceptual design stage and continues throughout the facility asset.

  • Information Never Get Lost:
  • The intelligent information never gets lost with the progress through varied stages of an Infrastructure Project. The BIM tools with a dedicated workflow and a model-based design-build solution enable 3D visualization, drawings and documentation from the model.
  • Availability of Infrastructure Software Applications:
  • Autodesk provides a wide array of Autodesk Infrastructure Software Applications through planning, detailed design, as well as construction stage. Infrastructure Solutions for BIM implementation facilitate different disciplines like Road, Drainage, Rail, Utilities and Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Identify Potential Challenges:
  • Building Information Modeling integrated Autodesk Tools allow BIM engineers to identify potential challenges, enabling efficient solutions. BIM collaboration facilitates infrastructure companies to present initial design stage ideas to planners and stakeholders for determining the impact of the infrastructure projects.
  • Reduced Construction Risk:
  • 3D BIM Model makes it easier to comprehend projects, seeking stakeholders’ approval. This facilitates in decreasing construction risk as well as project cost.
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