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MEP Shop Drawings

MEP Shop Drawings, forming the backbone of the construction workflow contain all the details of fabrication and installation.  We embed sheet metal work, piping, plumbing, electrical and other fire protection information in coordinated shop drawings. BIM shop drawings facilitate MEP consultants, subcontractors, general contractors, facility managers and product manufacturers to execute projects from different sectors. 

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Revit BIM Services - TopBIM Company

Purpose of BIM for Infrastructure Development

  • BIM 3D models for infrastructure describe the project and inform all stakeholders, including the off-site BIM team about transferring data from one level of maturity to the next.
  • Efficient BIM Coordination helps to produce accurate Shop Drawings and material Quantity Takeoffs.

Components for Infrastructure Development:

  • Processes & Policies
  • Tool & Technologies
  • Data & Standard
  • People & Skill

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Our MEP Shop Drawing Services include

Mechanical Shop Drawings: 

  • Determine HVAC systems and their placement, enhancing specifications for installation and duct fabrication, customized pipe connections and air handling units. 

Electrical Shop Drawings: 

  • Include power supply and distribution, access and security system, information & communication system as well as interior and exterior lighting. 

Plumbing Shop Drawings: 

  • Represent plumbing elements within a building like a drainage, disposal, garbage, waste carriers, etc. 

Benefits of Choosing Our MEP Shop Drawing Services: 

  • Accurate representation of design & assembly instruction: Through comprehensive detailing contractors and fabricators get a clear picture of what is to be built or supplied. 
  • Documentation for quick reference – Shop drawings resolve all problems arising from construction, where MEP contractors refer to mechanical drawing plan and pinpoint the exact location of repair. 
  • Precise material cost estimation – Often it’s crucial to keep a tab on the material cost of the components. However, through our accurate MEP designs, material wastage gets removed during manufacturing, reassembly and reinstallation. 
  • Standardization of process – Through MEP shop drawings, AEC professionals get a consistent work process, ensuring that the products adhere to the industrial standards. 
  • Brand building and promotion – A shop drawing escalates brand value. Good building drawings lead to great construction, which is equivalent to brand building.
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