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Off-Site BIM Team

Our off-site BIM team helps to reduce the cost of BIM implementation compared to an in-house team. Working as a virtual extension of the client, team of BIM modelers provides experienced resources. We deliver BIM modeling services for building construction matching the requirements of clients. Our dedicated business model follows the scope of the construction project, without overlapping with your time zone. The data-rich models provided by our BIM engineers are effectively used by design team members for coordinating the fabrication of building systems.

Revit BIM Services - TopBIM Company

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Revit BIM Services - TopBIM Company

Benefits of Seeking Off-Site BIM Team

  • Greater accuracy in specifying material requirements – Building Information Modeling enables greater precision in specifying material requirements, reducing construction site wastage.
  • Assisting off-site manufacturing – BIM modeling assists fabricators as well as contractors by providing a 3D model with element positions.
  • Asset maintenance – Working with the off-site BIM team helps to store building information to support maintenance and re-use materials at the end of the construction project lifecycle.
  • Reduced RFIs – The total number of Request for Information is reduced, facilitating enhanced coordination of architectural, structural and MEP services amongst project stakeholders.
  • Decreased design errors – Through a Building Information Modeling based design validation, there are decreased design errors, reducing mistakes to a greater extent in the construction process.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Saving time and cost of the project, enabling team to invest in training
  • Enhancing team size with ease, as per project demand
  • Facilitating smooth BIM implementation, as per LODs 100 to 500
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