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Precast Detailing Services

We accomplish precast detailing jobs from clients throughout USA. Our BIM engineers focus on the growing construction standards and have delivered several projects related to detailing, shop drawing, and modeling.  Using precast detailing, we facilitate business growth of AEC clients including large panel systems, frames, slab-column systems, etc. BIM modelers ensure reliability and cost-effectiveness for precast projects through accurate fabrication details for architectural columns, panels, beams, etc. 

Revit BIM Services - TopBIM Company
Revit BIM Services - TopBIM Company

What is precast detailing?

Precast detailing involves the first step while constructing or assembling a building using several prefabricated components. It is an alternative to normal construction, where reusable moulds created from rubber, plastic, steel or fiberglass help to make concrete members including beams, columns, stairs and panels. The reusable moulds are also used for replicating members as per the demand and size of the AEC project. In this technique, accuracy remains the key for efficient project execution.  

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Our Precast Detailing Services include:

Process of Work: 

The precast detailing involves the software-led detailing process, creating accurate modules for fabrication. We apply this technique to every concrete member for assembling buildings towards completion. Our BIM professionals with 15+ years of expertise deliver detailed longitudinal wall systems, columns, frames and large panels for construction clients in USA. 

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