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Revit Family Creation

Revit family creation involves the technique of forming a library of 2D & 3D building objects for accurate BIM models. The model would be just a cage without Revit. Software packages like Autodesk Revit help to create different types of Revit family libraries for architectural, structural and MEP services. We create customized families as per client requirements of the construction industry. As an experienced BIM company in USA, our modelers provide Revit family creation services for manufacturers, designers, as well as structural, architectural, and MEP service firms. Our competent Revit BIM Services help AEC professionals to instantly change an entire building object through parametric modeling. 

Revit BIM Services - TopBIM Company

Our Revit BIM Family Creation Services for AEC Clients include

⭐ Foundation Families⭐ Railing & Stair⭐ Furniture⭐ Ceiling & Column
⭐ Pipes & Fixtures⭐ Windows & Doors⭐ Partitions & Walls⭐ Kitchen Accessories
⭐ Electrical Light/Fixture⭐ Truss & Joist  
Revit BIM Services - TopBIM Company

Our Family Creation Methodology of Working with Building Information Modeling

  • Choosing a suitable family template
  • Defining family subcategories
  • Creating reference plane & line using ‘Reference line’ & ‘Reference plane’ tools
  • Adding & optimizing dimension tools, specifying the parametric association
  • Specifying family types using various parameters 
    Creating model geometry, adding relevant geometry
  • Reconstruct as-built BIM model for building elements
  • General contractors
  • Construction management companies

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Types of Revit BIM Family Creation Services

  • Architectural Revit BIM Family Creation – We create accurate designs from the stage of conception to 3D visualization with architectural Revit library creation. Building design created through Autodesk Revit BIM software facilitates sustainable building goals. Capturing real-time images of a 3D model with scanned data into an automated workflow, BIM implementation ensures design analysis for quick design decisions, leading to quality building models. Using architectural Revit BIM family, we prepare exact models of casework, windows, doors, furniture, railing, etc.
  • Revit Structural Family Creation – Our Revit families also help structural engineers with design drawings, construction documentation, concrete reinforcement, steel workflow and structural analysis. Columns with structural connections, base plates, steel beams, stiffeners & steel trusses are executed in an efficient way with customized families.
  • Revit MEP Family Creation – Using BIM software applications like Revit, AutoCAD, BIM 360, etc. we create a customized solution with accurate and efficient designs as per building codes. Some of the instances of MEP family creation include heating and cooling system design, equipment selection, calculation, duct sizing, plant room layout, floor design, duct layouts, shop drawings and other mechanical design services. Our BIM engineers and MEP experts provide mechanical designing solutions for boosting the design-build process.  HVAC, pipe valve, strainer and pipe-hanger, duct hanger, air terminals are the key components for customized mechanical family creation.
  • HVAC Revit Families – Our customized Revit Families facilitate fire dampers, fittings, diffusers, valves and air handling units. We also benefit Firefighters with Revit Family Services in USA.
  • PlumbingWe create customized Revit library solutions for building product manufacturers. Adopting the Revit family we facilitate kitchen and bathroom plumbing equipment solutions. Our plumbing family creation involves valves, pumps, measuring devices, gauges, washbasins, water closets and fittings.
  • Electrical Families – We adopt Revit Electrical Families with BIM Modeling to streamline design and display. Our electrical engineers deliver services in power distribution systems, audio-visual design, electrical diagrams, cable tray layout and data communication system design for determining the specific size of switchgear and transformers.

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