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Spool Drawings

Spool drawings act as a guide to plumbers for understanding what they are encountering and take pipe spool fabrication to the next level.  We at Top BIM Company provide a complete system for spool drafting and building data management.  Usually, a pipe is split into various sections called a spool.  Through BIM spool drawings, we furnish the complete information of all parts welded together in the shop on a single diagram. We deliver shop drawing services as per industry standards and provide innovative drafting to commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Our specialized mechanical drafting team works in collaboration with clients to deliver professional diagrams with accuracy. As a BIM MEP coordination company, we collaborate with sheet metal manufacturing firms, MEP contractors, design firms, etc. to deliver mechanical shop drawings and piping drawings of different standards and requirements. 

Spool Drawings

Benefits of Spool Drawings

  • Detailed maintenance of components within the piping system 
  • Demonstrating the sequence of building systems and connections 
  • Providing information needed by fabricators for manufacture and assembly 
  • Decreasing and eliminating field revisions to prefabricated components  
Spool Drawings

Our Pipe Spool Drawing Services

  • Fabrication Drawings 
  • Markup Drawings 
  • Spool and Nestling Diagram 
  • Isometric  & Assembly Drawing for Piping Arrangement 
  • Diagram Showing Equipment & Connections between Systems
  • MEP BIM modeling with Quantity Takeoff/Bill of Materials 

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Process of Spool Drawing Creation at our MEP Store

  • Our BIM Engineers create accurate Fabrication and Spool drawings from the 3D BIM Model for on-site and off-site prefabrication. 
  • We assemble pipe systems in sections called spools for delivering to the site. 
  •  We include comprehensive information about assembly, dimension, bill of materials, tolerance, general notes, etc. on prefabrication in the MEP shop drawings. 
  • We make spool maps adhering to regulatory building codes and guide the plumbers, installers and pipefitters to get all information required for accurate manufacturing. 

Stakeholders Facilitated:

  • Piping Fabricators 
  • Building Owners & Operators 
  • Welder & Inspectors 
  • Engineering Contractors 
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