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Top BIM Company is a pioneer in structural BIM services in USA. We use the best structural BIM softwares like Autodesk Revit and Tekla Structures to provide our clients with structural BIM models, structural shop drawings, structural Revit family, and rebar detailing for smooth and streamlined structural fabrication, and construction. We have completed various structural BIM projects for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. We have an in house team of structural engineers, structural coordinators, structural BIM designers, structural BIM managers, and structural BIM modelers who are experts in structural engineering. 

Our BIM and structural engineering services allow our clients to visualize and analyze the structural properties of the building. This helps the owners to find errors and ask for changes before the start of the construction process. We provide detailed structural shop drawings for steel columns, steel beams, and structural steel detailing services. 

What are Structural BIM Services?

Structural BIM Services refers to the drafting and detailing of structural services of a building using BIM for streamlining construction, budgeting (5D BIM), scheduling (4D), and operations of the building. 

We follow various structural engineering standards including AISC- American Institute of Steel Construction, CISC – Code of Standard Practice for Structural Steel, RCSC Standards – Research Council on Structural Connections, and ACI standards – American Concrete Institute Standards. 

To ensure that the structural BIM models are error-free at all times, we have a team of quality analysts who are experts in BIM structural analysis. The meticulous attention to detail of this group for infrastructure BIM services guarantees that the final products are flawless. 

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Our BIM Services for Structural Engineering

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Benefits of Structural BIM Services

BIM structural engineering services enhance coordination between structural BIM models with models of multiple disciplines, facilitating the identification and resolution of inter and intradisciplinary clashes. 

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  • Accurate structural analysis and design : Structural BIM modeling services improve structural quality by combining structural analysis and design to create better results. BIM for structural design and BIM for structural analysis helps in creating a structurally sound building. 
  • Streamlined construction workflow: Structural engineering services using BIM enable optimized workflows by linking construction with time, also known as 4D BIM construction sequencing. This helps for a smooth and streamlined workflow for structural components and labor. 
  • Collaborative work environment : By employing collaborative platforms like BIM360, BIM in structural engineering offers the possibility of using a single set of shared information by all parties involved in a project. 
  • Budgeting  : BIM for structural engineers helps structural engineering consultants to budget the structural elements of the building. The budgeting is done using the fifth dimension of BIM (5D BIM). 
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