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Utility Modeling for Architecture

We provide utility modeling services for architecture with Building Information Modeling technology. Our competent modelers enable architects to create a new design and compare alternatives for utility systems without disrupting the existing system. BIM engineers prepare detailed models of underground utilities for contractors, general contractors as well as excavating companies. Starting from as-built documentation, resolving utility conflicts to building construction from a 3D model, BIM for utility construction helps to streamline calculation, enhance facility automation, decrease material wastage and improve real-world performance. 

Revit BIM Services - TopBIM Company
Revit BIM Services - TopBIM Company

Benefits of Using BIM Utility Modeling for Construction

  • Reality Capture with 3D Laser Scanning – Using the 3D Laser Scanning technique, we provide an accurate depiction of the built environment.  
  • 4D Visualization and Construction Simulation – We provide analytical methods for engineering analysis, matching the performance of utility systems with 4D BIM. 
  • Reduced Field Clashes – Utility BIM helps us to reduce field clashes, ensuring that the manufacturing components rightly fit the field as on the model. 


Get 50% ROI on your BIM modeling or any building construction projects.

How BIM Modeling Services Facilitate Utility Ownership? 

Since utility continues to shift from public to private sector, analysis takes a crucial look at making utility ownership a smart facility asset. We plan with BIM to revamp the utility infrastructure innovatively for the next generation of natural resource distribution. Our engineering and design-build BIM solutions integrated with Revit and AutoCAD software applications help to accelerate project approval time and improve communication and decision-making amongst stakeholders. Through 3D BIM workflow we facilitate the coordination of automated processes on a single computer platform. Proficient architects and engineers resolve conflicts with 3D model, reducing costs, modernizing project workflow and improving profits for utility owners. 

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