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When we say building permit expediters the only though come in mind is a construction professional holding rolls of blueprints, guiding project stakeholders regarding the permit process. Here the curiosity begins – What is the role of a permit expediter? Why Should You Seek a Building Permit Expediter? 

A building permit expediting services manages time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive paperwork related to permit request required by the planning department of the city. The permit professional has the expertise to make the permit process as simple as possible. A permit expeditor act as a bridge between owner or, other project stakeholders and city’s staff to help them communicate about location specific building codes and local zoning 

Building Permits Are Required in Various Types of Building Facilities 

  • Large-scale renovation project and room conversions 
  • Wall addition or, remove 
  • Section Demolition 
  • Piping Addition 
  • Roof Addition 
  • New Construction 

Why Hire Building Permit Expediter? 

From sign permit to electrical permits, permit expeditors can help you with for any construction project. There are several benefits of hiring permit professional for your upcoming project. 

Fastens Legal Procedure 

Permit professional are well-versed with the location-specific law and regulations for your construction project requirement. Owner and other building stakeholders may not aware of the unique challenges and boundation involved in the area but the professional will be definitely aware of it. This knowledge accelerates the permitting process.  

Encourages Streamlined Project Management 

The permit expediting procedure can be complex and irritating from start to finish. Permit Expediting service, on the other hand, can relieve some of that tension while speeding up the process. Hiring expertise permit professional from the beginning to the end of the process will allow you to focus on project management, construction process and other crucial part of the project. 

Departmental Standarization 

Likewise, location specific law and regulations there exist departmental building standards, which may vary trade wise. Running through multiple departments can be difficult for general people but expeditors have the expertise to approach specific building department for the permit application. They will also have the knowledge of additional required information, that to be submitted to specific department. 

Improves Research Procedure 

Complex project required more attention and research work for permit process. It may take a lot of time for proper research and can end up with uncertain result of no use for common people having no or, less knowledge of permit process. Whereas, the experienced expediter can do the research and help you to successfully complete the permit process in much less time as they have made up their career in this field. 

Better Notary Process 

Some construction departments may need notarization of certain documents, which is a simple process that you can streamline. Whether it is for sign permit or, shed permits, expediters can assist you in completing them as quickly as possible. 

 Tasks of a Permit Expediter? 

Project stakeholders like Builder, Retailers, Architects, Directors of Entitlements, Directors of Construction, Construction Project Managers, Development Managers, Tenant Coordinators, and anyone can hire a building permit expediter for any construction project.  

Their regular job belongs to: 

  • Research work on location specific zoning, codes, and planning
  • Coordinating with clients, plan reviewers, and building officials
  • Reviewing CD (construction drawings) sets and other project documents to ensure that they adhere with city code standards
  • Analyzing proposed project materials to see if they are acceptable under local jurisdictional guidelines.
  • Completing pre-submittal reviews by communicating with city officials
  • Negotiating the receipt of an RTI(ready-to-issue)


When it comes to expediting permits, the expert expediters of Tejjy Inc. takes a systematic approach to provide services in Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland and Virginia. Rather than simply functioning as a link between city officials and architects, we take a hands-on approach to the permitting process by proposing solutions to difficulties that may develop. If a plan reviewer finds a flaw in a building plan, we come up with alternatives such as alternate designs and strategies for dealing with the problem. We play role as an extension of our client’s team and make it our job to help them reach their objectives. We take each and every point of the permit process very seriously and provide weekly updates to keep everyone on the team informed throughout the process.  

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