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Delivering Scan To BIM & Point Cloud Data Modeling

Delivering accurate As-Built Drawing Modeling, CAD to BIM from precise 3D Laser Scanning for Historical Restoration, Renovation, Refurbishment, Facility Management, Digital Twining, Construction Documentation for Architectural, Structural, MEPFP. We offer pre-eminent 3D Scan to BIM services in USA  for Architectural Design Firms, MEP Engineering Firms, Structural Engineering Companies supporting residential, commercial, educational, infrastructural, sectors.

What is Scan To BIM?

Scan to BIM is a process of capturing the building’s geometry inform of point cloud data with 3D scanning. The captured data through revit point cloud modeling software is converted into a detailed building information model. Being an  experienced scan to BIM company, we facilitate laser survey scan to point cloud to 3D model with utter precision. 

Our skilled Scan To BIM Modeling team facilitate Architectural ( walls interior, exterior, doors, windows), Structural ( beams, columns, foundations, truss joint),  MEPFS ( electrical junction, plumbing, piping, fire sprinklers) services.  The as-built documents prepared through scan to BIM are accurate and fully coordinated. We run several clash checks and ensure that the Revit Building Information Model delivered to the clients is free from any errors, to achieve maximum efficiency.

Scan to BIM- Top BIM Company

Our Scan To BIM Services from Point Cloud Data Modeling

With an extensive experience of over 16 years, the Top BIM company in USA, offers the finest scan to BIM services for AEC projects. We ensure precise data capture through 3D laser scanning to accumulate accurate point cloud data for BIM model creation.

As Built Modeling

Our certified BIM professionals develop precise as built models and drawings to help facilities managers and engineers manage building renovations and maintenance. management operations of the building structure.

Laser Scan To 3D Model

We convert the precise laser scan point cloud data to information rich LOD 500 3D BIM model which can be used for professional design and maintenance of the building.

We help you in converting point cloud data into LOD 500 as built BIM models for renovation, remodeling, and facility management of buildings.

Scan To CAD

Scan to CAD is the service that converts your 3D laser scan point cloud data into editable CAD files of 2D floor plans, sections, and elevations for the professional design process.

Scan To Revit MEP

We help in creating mechanical, electrical, and plumbing models from point cloud data using Revit for refurbishments in commercial, and industrial buildings.

We convert point cloud data into editable CAD drawings for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings for professional documentation and design process.

Our scan To BIM Deliverables

(wall, Pipe, Round-duct, Conduit Extraction)

Our Revit Scan to BIM team delivers 3D model with Level of detailing (LOD 100 to 500) for Architectural, Structural, MEP along with clash detection. We laser survey data for precise point cloud data extraction and deliver in required Revit Modeling Software. Top BIM Company Scan To BIM Modeling Includes:

  • Renovation , Retrofit
  • Historical Restorations
  • 2D As-Built Drawing & As Built Modeling
  • Infrastructure Projects( Tunnels, Railways, Airport, Bridges, Highways)
  • Construction Documentation
  • Facility Operation Management
Scan to BIM- Top BIM Company

For Accurate Point Cloud To Revit 3D Model of your AEC project

Our Point Cloud Scan To BIM Modeling Process

We offer pre-eminent Scan to BIM solutions to the construction industry for the last 16 years. Our process for the scan to BIM comprises a systematic workflow which helps us in providing quality-assured deliverables. Explore the process of the scan to BIM given below.

Process For Scan To BIM

Benefits of scan To BIM

By digitalizing as-built circumstances, scan to BIM enables higher modelling accuracy for effective renovation and restoration. Surveyors can quantify and analyse spatial factors in three-dimensional geometry thanks to information-rich 3D BIM models. Explore the benefits of point cloud to BIM modeling technology for AEC projects, as listed below. Scan to BIM services from Top BIM company, USA, offers extensive benefits to the professionals of architectural, engineering and construction firms for their projects. 

  • Reduced errors and increased quality and accuracy.
  • Accelerated productivity with less redoing.
  • With the cloud database, there is better coordination between brand-new design components and legacy designs.
  • Risk management using the power of remote sensing.
  • Utilize BIM to compare construction stages by scanning data.
  • Reduced costs and increased project profitability.
Scan To BIM- Top BIM Company
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