BIM Service Provider

Why Should You Seek a Building Permit Expediter?

Introduction  When we say building permit expediters the only though come in mind is a construction professional holding rolls of blueprints, guiding project stakeholders regarding the permit process. Here the curiosity begins – What is the role of a permit expediter? Why Should You Seek a Building Permit Expediter?  A building permit expediting services manages…
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BIM for Construction

BIM for Construction Management and Planning

The concept of BIM first emerged in the year of 1970 and the first software tools were developed for BIM in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and included workstation products. The early applications and the hardware were expensive and this was the reason for limited widespread adoption. In a paper by G.A. van Nederveen…
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3D models

4 Reality Capture Technologies Construction Managers Need to Know: A Quick and Easy Guide

It is a well-known fact that reality capture technologies have real-world implications for design and construction companies. What is Meant by Reality Capture? Reality capture can be defined as the procedure of scanning an object, building or site in the real world and converting that scanned data into models or visualizations. It has been pointed…
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scan to BIM Tejjy Inc

Navigating Point Cloud Scan to BIM Process

Laser scan to BIM is a process and sequence of steps implemented for obtaining an actual representation of the construction project. The technique is used by various project stakeholders, including the architects, structural engineers, mechanical contractors and MEP engineers. Now, why the point cloud scan to the BIM process is used by construction professionals? Well,…
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Commercial Architecture Service Tejjy Inc

Commercial and Residential Architecture Service Tailored to Specific Needs

Providers of commercial and residential architecture services have been working closely with contractors and other professionals for a very long time. Highly skilled architects are an integral part of the company that provides commercial and residential architecture service. Typical architectural design services include conceptual design phase, design development phase, construction documents, permit documents, bidding documents,…
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Revit MEP services Tejjy Inc

Why Seek Revit MEP Drafting?

Revit MEP drafting is a modeling tool that facilitates the automatic placement of ducts, pipes, and other building components. Using Revit MEP services, AEC project stakeholders look after the detailed design development of the structures.  Parametric family creation in Revit modeling enables the designers to choose and place intelligent components in the construction project. Further,…
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4d BIM scheduling Tejjy Inc

BIM Construction Scheduling | The Complete Guide

Construction companies in USA provide BIM construction scheduling, 4D scheduling, and 4D BIM scheduling to architects, building contractors, designers and engineers. Implementing 4D scheduling services improve the quality of design and construction documentation. The list of 4D BIM scheduling services offered by a typical construction company includes construction process visualization, improved planning, improved management, effective…
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BIM Works

How BIM (Building Information Modeling) Works? A Detailed Guide

BIM (Building Information Modeling) can be defined as the process for creating and managing information on a construction project across the project lifecycle. The Building Information Model, the digital description of every aspect of the built asset is the key output of this process. Building Information Modeling draws on information assembled collaboratively and updated at…
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scan to BIM

How Does Laser Scan to BIM Work?

Earlier, Google implemented Sketch Up from ‘Last Software’ company- an easy-to-use scanning tool.  Used for content creation, to upload 3D models of Google Earth or Google Maps, the Sketch Up technique matched well into Google’ mission. The mission organizes the world’s information into a common platform. Yet, it did not turn out as expected. Google…
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What is BIM (Building Information Modeling)?

Building Information Modeling is a technique for enabling project stakeholders to create digital design simulations for managing all information related to architectural, structural and MEP projects. Whereas CAD (Computer Aided Design) produces 2D or 3D drawings that don’t differentiate amongst various elements, Building Information Modeling includes 4D scheduling as per time as well as 5D…
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