Virtual Design & Construction- VDC Services

Building constructible 3D models in order to make our construction process more efficient.

VDC Services for developing data-rich 3D models

Virtual Design Construction (VDC) aims to create digital twins of building structures and construction sites. This allows each of the AEC professionals to collaborate virtually on the planning and execution of project development. 

Technologies that it uses are as follows:

Virtual Design and Construction is a thoughtful integration of the latest construction practices that aim to digitize real-time collaboration. 

ICE (Integrated Concurrent Engineering) 

An effective approach to structuring a design team that facilitates the simultaneous involvement of stakeholders from diverse fields to swiftly create comprehensive project designs. 

BIM (Building Information Modelling)  

An essential component of Virtual Design Construction, BIM aims for real-time collaboration among the stakeholders digitally. This ensures the effective implementation of VDC’s objective.  

PPM (Product production management)  

The whole Product Production Management (PPM) framework is about the execution of your project when your ideation with design is done.  

Our VDC Consulting services include

With over 16+ years of design-build services in the AEC, we have successfully completed almost more than 150+ BIM projects with a Virtual Design Construction approach. 

CAD design development

Our team harnesses the power of Computer Aided Design (CAD) to layout the design expectations of the clients

Interior and exterior CGI

We surely understand that visuals are marketing points of your project and leverage your vision with our top-notch architectural visualization services.

Generative design and computational BIM

Our computational BIM arm ensures the amplification of our BIM processes with AI tools, scripting, space planning optimization, and automated workflow

Construction document management

Our centralized document management approach eases project updations and communication for those

BIM 360 services

With our 16+ years and continuing experience in BIM technologies, we aim for real-time design and execution processes among the stakeholders.

Digital construction management

With optimized digital workflows, we take a sustainable developmental approach to implement projects in a short frame of time within your bank limit

Small building
All your pre-construction needs to be taken care of, with a VDC approach

Enhancing the pre-construction visualization to eliminate overruns and delays 

Process for Virtual Design and Construction for your project


It all starts with selecting the right Common Data Environment (CDE).


Easing the complexity of design and automating the repetitive efforts.


Outcome generated is visualized in comprehensible textual inferences and modeled data.

Periodic Review

The periodic review processes aim to better the outcome and cut on overruns and delays.

Why choose us for Virtual Design Construction?

With over 16+ years of expertise in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, we have been at the forefront of Virtual Design Construction (VDC) innovation. 

Join forces with TopBIM Company for enhanced teamwork and streamlined digital construction management processes.  

Through latest of the BIM technology, each of the building components is detailed upto LOD 500

We deploy BIM automation to ease the collaboration with clash detection and coordination

Managing the complexity of your project while checking on cost overruns and time delays

With a CDE (Common Data Environment), we leave no scope for even the tiniest of details

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Complete Project
Virtual Design and Construction

Projects We Delivered

Digitizing the pre-construction phase for your project development

Automate all your design and detail development with our BIM expertise in no time.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Improved coordination among all the stakeholders as it provides a single unified interface to view and coordinate all the developmental changes.  

This further eliminates the greater scope of errors and delays in the construction. Now with VDC, everyone knows what exactly they have to implement on the site.  

The pre-determination of building design components eases the construction and assembly on the site. It allows for an optimized allocation of resources.  

One of the major components in VDC, Scan-to-BIM can be very useful in renovations and retrofit projects. Scan-to-BIM technologies can be deployed to generate As-built drawings of the existing projects which further can be used for facility management.

Yes, definitely it can be a game-changer in construction scheduling.  

A construction schedule is a chronological plan utilized by construction managers to establish the sequence and duration of construction tasks within a building project. It is basically a guideline to ensure that the project stays within time and budget. 

VDC technology enables the virtual development of a project. So, with VDC, organizations can allocate the time frame and resources to their project. 

Although, generally, advisable for complex projects modeled on a large scale. VDC can also produce benefits to small projects in terms on the lines of time and budget constraints.

First and foremost, clarifying project objectives for the VDC process is the essential stepping stone into the whole process. Then, it is advisable to outsource a reputed VDC service provider. This can reduce the significant burden on your in-house resource pool.

The last thing to note is that, for effective usage of VDC in your construction operations, you have to be in a constant state of upskilling. Continuous probe into your process can not only improves the outcome but automates the whole process with the latest trends and techniques.

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