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Facilitate your construction projects with comprehensive building information models for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire-protection trades. MEP BIM lets you visualize the MEP systems digitally for effective planning & management.

Cost-Effective MEP Modeling Services​

MEP BIM modeling provides data-rich Revit BIM models, facilitating the MEP engineers and professionals with greater insights into the MEP projects in the planning phase. MEP services assist in designing, detailing, fabricating and installing the MEP components and the MEP systems in a building, without any complexities.

MEP Coordination​

MEP BIM coordination facilitates a clash-free BIM model for MEPF through clash detection and coordination. It identifies and solves the inter and intradisciplinary collisions for hassle-free installation of MEPF systems and their components in a building.

MEP Drawing

MEP design drawings prepared using the Computer-Aided Design and Building Information Modeling technology depicts comprehensive designs and a systematic arrangement of MEP systems for installation in a building. The plans also represent the technical details of the components, precisely.

MEP Clash Detection​

It offers data-rich and clash-free building information models to the clients, contractors, engineers and fabricators for their MEP projects. We ensure accuracy and precision in MEPF BIM Model designs with clash detection and resolution for quality-assured deliverables to the clients.

Why MEP Modeling?

Create data-rich BIM models for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire-protection trades for enhanced visualization of the systems and their components. Revit MEP Modeling ensures optimized designs and offers a collaborative workflow for better productivity throughout the project.

It drives efficiency in planning, designing, fabrication and installation of the systems without any difficulties. BIM MEP models facilitate cost-efficacy and reduced delays and offer quality-assured deliverables to the clients. The clash-free BIM modeling allows easy installation of the MEPF systems.

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Applications of MEP Modeling

MEP is an important component in building construction. The BIM modeling technology for MEPF has a range of applications and can be incorporated into various processes. Let us explore the applications of MEP BIM modeling, as given below.

MEP Modeling Conversion Process


Data input & processing

The data acquired through laser scanning is exported & processed in BIM-based software.


BIM Modeling

The point cloud data is converted into a data-rich MEP building information model using Revit or similar software.


Model auditing

The BIM model once created is audited for various checks such as clash detection and validation.


Final output

After the auditing, the inefficiencies are resolved and a final output for the client is rendered & generated.

Benefits of MEP Services

BIM has transformed the MEP systems and processes. Building Information Modeling facilitates the professionals with a bagful of benefits for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire-protection systems. Let us explore the benefits offered of MEP modeling in construction of projects.

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