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What are BIM standards?

The digital representation of the physical and functional features of the components of a building construction project is what Building Information Modeling, or BIM, refers to when it is used in Architecture, engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. The use of BIM guidelines and standards can help the AEC industry provide the most effective cooperative procedures and deliverables for all projects for creating American standard BIM models. 

These BIM standards for Revit, and BIM CAD standards not only guarantee continuity for the project and give the owner of the project the format they want, but they also have the potential to significantly boost productivity and guarantee that the entire BIM implementation will be sustainable. 

ISO 19650-1:2018

The ISO 19650 series was released in December 2018 with the intention of establishing a standard language foundation for the deployment of the Building Information Model (BIM). The ISO 19650, also known as BIM ISO standards, which claims to bridge the gap between the various industry BIM drawing standards, is based on the English standard BS 1192. 

The National BIM Standard-United States (NBIMS)

NBIMS or National BIM Standard for the US is prepared by The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS). This standard provides an overview of the processes and procedures that must be followed in order to deliver BIM in a standardized fashion. 

U.S General Services Administration BIM Guides (GSA)

US GSA produced the BIM Guide Series to share our learning experiences with project teams, including GSA employees and design and construction contractors. The BIM Guide Series also provides guidelines and standards for new project teams, ensuring that GSA projects use BIM in the most beneficial, efficient way possible from the start. 

AIA BIM Standards

The AIA BIM standards developed by the American Institute of Architects, compile all the essential procedures for AEC professionals to employ BIM-oriented workflows in their projects. The AIA BIM LOD standards are the Building Information Modeling Level of Detail/ Level of Development standards for describing the required input and data for the BIM model. 

SCA BIM Standards

The BIM Guidelines and Standards for Architects and Engineers is created by New York City School Construction Authority (NYC SCA). SCA BIM guidelines are designed for the preparation and submission of BIM Models. These standards are specific to Autodesk based software applications for BIM. 

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