5D BIM Cost Estimation | Bill of Material (BOM)

TopBIM delivers accurate 5D BIM models for precise cost estimation and quantity take-off. Our cost-integrated BIM model helps construction professionals to analyse and estimate accurate project costs, to eliminate cost overruns.

Importance of 5D BIM

5D BIM is the 5th dimension of BIM. It is as vital as other dimensions as it allows the AEC professionals to visualize the financial risks and eliminates the cost overruns through precise quantity and cost estimation. Let’s see how 5D BIM can be vital during different phases of construction.


5D BIM in the pre-construction stage can help AEC experts with the overall financial planning of the construction projects. Better planning always leads to better outcomes, facilitating overall cost savings


During construction, 5D BIM enables the tracking of material used and the cost incurred in construction activities. The AEC professionals can however keep track of the number of materials along with the finance.

Post Construction

The engineers and contractors use the BIM model to compare the planned and actual quantity of material used and the cost incurred. However, by using BIM, one can overcome cost overruns and eliminate the wastage of valuable resources.

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What is the Process of 5D BIM Cost Estimation?

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5D BIM in construction helps with cost management throughout the project’s life cycle. Quantity surveyors or cost estimators assist engineers, architects, contractors, builders, or construction companies with 5D BIM modeling solutions during the preconstruction stage. BIM Engineers perform Conceptual Modeling and Cost Planning by utilizing the best 5D software solution to generate cost and material estimates, in collaboration with a 5D BIM quantity surveyor.
Process of 5D BIM scheduling | TopBIM Company

Benefits of 5D BIM Modeling

The benefits of 5D BIM in the building construction process are numerous. The following are the advantages of 5D modelling and cost estimation:

Why choose Us?

The 5D building information model represents the costs incurred and materials used as the construction cycle progresses. TopBIM company offers 5D BIM models that enable AEC professionals to visualize the progress of construction activities and their associated costs over time using 5D BIM cost estimating software. Experts at TopBIM company ensure accurate representation of cost and materials used at every stage of construction by using comprehensive 5D BIM modelling for construction. Project cost management with 5D BIM enables project managers to effectively plan the finances for construction projects.

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