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Accurate 5D BIM Services: Quantity Take-off, BOQ, BOM

Our cost-integrated BIM model helps construction professionals to analyse and estimate accurate project costs, to eliminate cost overruns.Ā 5D BIM is the 5th dimension of BIM Modeling. It is as vital as other dimensions as it allows the AEC professionals to visualize the financial risks and eliminates the cost overruns through precise quantity and cost estimation.Ā Top BIMĀ delivers accurate 5D BIM models for precise cost estimation and quantity take-off.Ā 


5D BIM in the pre-construction stage can help AEC experts with the overall financial planning of the construction projects. Better planning always leads to better outcomes, facilitating overall cost savings.


During construction, 5D BIM enables the tracking of material used and the cost incurred in construction activities. The AEC professionals can however keep track of the number of materials along with the finance.

The engineers and contractors use the BIM model to compare the planned and actual quantity of material used and the cost incurred. However, by using BIM, one can overcome cost overruns and eliminate the wastage of valuable resources.

What is 5D BIM Cost Estimation?

5D BIM includes all the cost-related information of the construction projects. It represents accurate cost estimates, and precise quantity take-offs and helps to reduce the surplus cost incurred, facilitating cost-efficacy to AEC project owners.Ā 

It helps in resource management as it facilitates the construction project managers with an accurate schedule of cost and nearly the exact quantity of materials required for the particular construction job.

The team of certified BIM expertsĀ at Top BIM CompanyĀ strive to deliver a comprehensive 5D building information model with exceptional quality to enhance your AEC project with optimized cost schedules. Using state-of-the-art tools and technology, such as Autodesk Revit & Navisworks for 5D Building Information Modeling projects, we deliver cost estimated 5D models.

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Process of 5D BIM Cost Estimation

5D BIM in construction helps with cost management throughout the projectā€™s life cycle. Quantity surveyors or cost estimators assist engineers, architects, contractors, builders, or construction companies with 3D BIM modeling solutions during the preconstruction stage. BIM Engineers perform conceptual modeling and cost planning by utilizing the best 5D software solution to generate cost and material estimates.

Process Of 5D BIM Cost Estimation

Why choose us for 5D BIM?

Benefits of 5D Cost Estimation

5D BIM cost estimation and quantity take-offs ensure a cost-effective project delivery with reduced wastage and accurate calculation of the number of materialsĀ utilisedĀ on the project. Explore the benefits of 5D BIM for AEC projects.

  • Precision: Accurate 5D BIM cost estimation via quantity take-off and material procurement.Ā 
  • Risk Visualization: Using 5D BIM Modeling, risk can be visualised and mitigated at an early stage, improving design decisions.
  • Automated BOQ Extraction: Creating a budget and linking it to costs in the BIM model, allowing for automated BOQ extraction.
  • Financial Risk Assessment: Extraction of detailed BOQs, facilitating financial risk assessment and price model generation.
  • Decision Making: 5D BIM allows for faster decision-making, which speeds up project completion.
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