Optimizing Virtual Design Construction with BIM automation Services in USA

Helping real estate and construction businesses with smart design choices in the pre-construction stages

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BIM (building Information Modeling) Services in USA

Executing our clients’ vision through best-in-class BIM workflow

Before commencing our BIM operations, we plan out the most optimized route for the execution. With a humane approach, our workforce put their brains to devise an effective business strategy. In follow up to that, we tend to utilize the latest automation trends to execute from idea to final nail in the development

BIM Modeling Suite

Digitizing your projects as per 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, and 8D

3D Laser Scanning Services

Reality capturing with state-of-the-art equipment

Photorealistic Visualization

Enhancing your project’s ideation through sleek walkthroughs

BIM Automation

Skyrocketing your design workflow with API scripting and Automation tools


Automating the point cloud data to smart BIM models

Shop Drawing Services

Enhance accuracy of project execution with our detailed conveyable drawings

Documentation Management

We manage your project’s documents on the cloud in real-time

Our vision statement For United States of America (USA)

Current Construction Market Size of US

The current construction market size in US is 2.1 trillion $ and it is expected to grow at a 4% annual rate. However, the most recent growing probability of recession in US market is already making squeezes on their investment. This is exactly where TopBIM Company intervenes for you. Through the best of the BIM automation comprehensive suite, we aim to optimize your project investment and thus, the whole construction operation. 

By prioritizing Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and energy-efficient AEC operations in Texas, Florida, California, New York, Washington, Illinois, Pennsylvania , Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and other states in USA, we intend to aid big-time in US vision of being net zero by 2050. 

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    Why Choose TopBIM Company?

    • Aimed at optimized design-build solutions planning

    Our domain-specific knowledge and strong industry presence give better ROI on your investments

    • Pool of Architects and Engineers tuned to your market needs

    Highly skillful and knowledgeable team of BIM Modelers, Engineers, and Architects.

    • BIM global solutions across USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and GCC

    We are proud to have successfully delivered our services to 151+ projects in various typologies.

    • Sustainable BIM solutions in combination with automation tools

    Client-focused deliverables with specified BIM LOD, Cobie Parameters, and new green regulations. 

    Revit Object Creation

    Clients Testimonial

    Helping our clients improve collaboration, cost control, and overall construction quality using BIM. At TopBIM Company, we believe that Empowering BIM Process can accelerate digital transformation in the construction industry.

    Kelly Cobbs
    Kelly Cobbs Architect

    I am quite picky when it comes to choosing the right BIM partner for our company’s VDC operations. However, if there is one investment, I don’t regret then it is definitely outsourcing our design needs to TopBIM company.

    Josue Stark
    Josue Stark Government Officer

    The TopBIM team not only understands the technology that goes behind the BIM but also the business to optimize your project investment. If you are looking for a company for VDC and BIM works, don’t ever miss out on TopBIM.

    Marrie Cook
    Marrie Cook Facility Manager

    People say CAD is outdated but I have seen outdated BIM companies too but TopBIM is not one among those. The culture of constant upskilling of the workforce or investment in the latest tools and technologies sets them apart for sure.

    Charles Weber
    Charles Weber General Contractor

    If there is a company that can offer you comprehensive BIM modeling services for 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, and 8D at inexpensive rates in United States then it is TopBIM. I am totally satisfied with their commitment to delivering the best BIM services

    John Boyer
    John Boyer Building Owner

    TopBIM’s workforce doesn’t have a set pattern for every project. They are quite flexible in accommodating themselves in tuning to the site’s condition and client’s aspirations. This is what makes them unique as service providers

    Small building
    With extensive industry experience, our team is fully equipped to serve

    High Quality Modeling, Cost Effective Design and Fast Delivery

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    TopBIM company has vast expertise and experience in delivering result-oriented and data-driven BIM solutions to our clients.


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    Get a Free Estimation for your Project
    Please fill up the form to discuss your detailed project requirements and building design needs and we will get back to you soon.