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    BIM for Building Owners

    Want your team to work together effectively to complete projects on time and under budget? BIM for owners can reduce risk. Owners can anticipate greater project quality and simpler lifecycle management with BIM for construction. In contrast to traditional drafting software, Building Information Modeling (BIM) encourages participation from all parties involved in the project, including project owners, and provides them with all the necessary data throughout the process. The business benefits of BIM for building owners and developers are undeniable in terms of cost control, waste reduction, and efficiency advancements throughout building projects.

    Benefits of BIM for owners

    Implement BIM: Be the owner of the design-build process

    BIM helps owners to be important decision-makers in the design-build process. Let us look at the business value of BIM for owners:

    • Budgeting: When it comes to budgeting, the most essential aspect of BIM for owners and contractors is the fifth dimension of BIM (5D BIM). Bill of Materials (BOM) and Quantity Take Off (QTO) can be made with its aid.Ā 
    • Scheduling: It is important for building owners to finish the project on time. The 4D BIM dimension helps in building construction process scheduling using the 4D BIM construction simulation video. Owners being in control of the building construction schedules helps them to save time and cost.
    • Visualization: With the help of BIM, it is possible to generate corporate-compliant, photorealistic rendered graphics and video walkthroughs for use in promotional presentations. Using visual content like photos and videos is a crucial part of real estate marketing.
    • Scan to BIM:Ā It helps owners with renovation, remodeling, and historical preservation. We use 3D laser scanning technology to acquire point cloud data, to create a 3D BIM model. Scan to BIM also helps to create an as-built model of the project for facility management.
    • Facility Management: With the use of BIM for owners and facility managers, facility management and operations are improved with the use of 6D BIM modeling, leading to higher output for the enterprise as a whole. The BIM planning guide for facility owners is an invaluable resource for anyone tasked with running and maintaining a building.
    • COBie: ItĀ is the mandatory format for gathering building information during design and construction. Using COBie, the project team can quickly combine all design and construction electronic submittals into one Operations and Maintenance document.
    • Construction Management: BIM helps owners to be directly a part of construction management, by tracking the schedule and budgeting. Construction management is an important phase of building construction that building owners should be more concerned about.Ā 

    Revit 3D BIM Modeling Procedure

    BIM modelers use various characteristics to construct Revit BIM models. From LOD 100 through LOD 500, different Levels of Detailing are used to generate BIM model. For the creation of Revit BIM models, we have a team of architects & MEP engineers.

    Pre-design phase

    Schematic model gets created at this stage

    Design-build stage

    Scheduling & estimation with 4D and 5D BIM

    Collaboration in the design phase

    Detailed design collaboration with project participants

    Construction stage

    Run construction simulations and predict problems as a whole

    Why Choose Us

    Smooth transition to integrated BIM

    As a strategic Building Information Modeling partner, we help you maximize ROI and efficient workflow management.

    To determine if BIM is necessary or not a thorough understanding of model’s purpose is important.

    Weigh up the difference between clients’ actual demands & needs.

    Coordinated BIM model with RFIs, optimizing costs, enabling project completion.

    Accelerated design workflow, saving 20% costs.

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    BIM For Building Owners

    Migrate to BIM for process innovation

    Enhance organizational and project value with BIM for owners. We help you frame your BIM roadmap for cost, design, model, level of detail and project outcome.Ā 

    Top BIM Company & Solutions

    In the construction business, where safety hazards are constantly a priority, BIM for contractors & owners can offer significant safety improvements. By imagining & organizing the logistics of the site beforehand, it can also assist prevent actual mishaps. Visual risk assessments & analysis aid in ensuring safety throughout the project.

    A person who has a contract with a client and is in charge of a project's construction is known as a contractor. In BIM projects, the contractor creates a digital model using a BIM technology like Navisworks to find any design flaws before the beginning of building design.

    In order to produce the building model during the preconstruction stage, BIM enables builders to collaborate with designers. Using BIM for general contractors, the project owner and designers communicate their expectations, allowing for precise cost and schedule estimations.Ā 

    It aids in the identification of any potential design, construction, or operating concerns by enabling architects, engineers, and builders to visualize what is to be built in a virtual setting. BIM is a new paradigm in AEC that promotes the integration of the roles of all project stakeholders. Whether it is BIM for architects, BIM for electrical contractors, BIM for facility managerĀ or BIM for infrastructure,Ā proficient BIM consultants provide the most befitting requirements for all.