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Information-rich BIM Modeling & Clash Resolution Services customized to Florida market needs!  

Providing BIM Modeling and Coordination Services in Florida

Our architectural engineering services for AEC organizations across Florida are cost-efficient and prompt. By deploying the latest pre-construction design services and project coordination services, we aim to derive smart and sustainable outcomes.

Our BIM dimensional modeling services are tailor-made for our clients’ needs. TopBIM’s pre-construction consultancy for each of the building disciplines optimizes your spending.

As a leading BIM service provider in USA, we are well-versed in the current standings of the construction market in Florida. With an intensive experience in USA market, we have struck a good balance between risk mitigation and growing tourism in the state. We contribute to recreation tourism infrastructure in the state as well as the development of waterfront properties counteractive to frequent climatic challenges.

Get in touch with our skilled BIM architects/engineers in Florida for a complete pre-construction VDC services suite near Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville & Fort Myers, FL. Our BIM consultants are always available to assist you in transforming your design inception into a tangible reality. 

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Building Information Modeling Solutions For AEC Projects in Florida

Building Information Modeling

Unlike any other BIM vendor in the market, we first meticulously craft a suitable pre-construction design business plan for your construction needs. The business plan is then supplied with BIM dimension modeling/LOD (100-500) as per the suitability. Our VDC process combines models for all kinds of disciplines.

3D Laser Scanning

With our scan-to-BIM services, we deploy state-of-the-art 3D scanners to offer quick and precise on-site reality capture. Then by capitalizing on the latest automation trend, we prompt the conversion of point cloud data models to intelligent 3D models for further project development. These models are constantly being updated by IoT data.  

BIM Coordination

Our BIM engineers recognize conflicts/clashes at preconstruction and assist stakeholders in avoiding design changes at multiple levels. Through  project clash detection and coordination, we speed up the pace of construction projects by minimizing project delays and cost overruns. 

Shop Drawing

Shop drawings are detailed plans that illustrate how a contractor will meet the project’s design intent. Through our shop drawing services, we assist in effective cost estimation, quantity take-offs, quality improvement, and project handover. They also assist us in obtaining a precise design model, which facilitates efficient cross-functional cooperation and communication.

As- Built Services

A graphic or 3D data set that shows the building as it was really built. It enables project managers in accurate and precise depiction of your built structure. We deploy modern technologies such as Scan-to-BIM and BIM-IoT integration to ensure this. Our as-built drawings are typically used for renovation, retrofitting, extension, or facility maintenance purposes. 

Facility management

We assist facility managers in creating a practical procedure that addresses the acquisition, use, upkeep, renewal, and retirement of assets present in your facility. Our procedure is totally compliant with the best BIM tools. We follow the monitoring for each of the assets present in the facilities till the end of the lifecycle, delivering smart and sustainable investment ROI.

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Successfully Delivering BIM Excellence

Long before the development phase even starts, BIM offers trustworthy construction cost estimates

Accelerated return on investment optimizing space in the most befitting way at pre-construction

BIM facilitates streamlined collaboration amongst AEC professionals throughout the project lifecycle

Scan-to-BIM approach, modular construction, and digital twinning are being felicitated by BIM 

Improved build quality during design and construction increasing precision of calculations & models

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BIM Services in Florida

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Our purpose is to help our clients design, construct and operate better projects more efficiently by leveraging the full potential of BIM [Building Information Modeling] and related technologies.

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