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    Fabrication Drawings

    Clash Coordinated Shop Drawing Services

    Providing general contractors, erectors, fabricators, and manufacturers with clash coordinated shop drawing services. Fabrication shop drawings are an essential component of every building project. They are used to illustrate sizes, dimensions, assembly, and the specifications of the materials used, in addition to other fabrication details. 

    Accurate & detailed BIM shop drawings are necessary for smooth & streamlined fabrication and installation of Architectural, Structural & MEP services. Shop drawings help AEC contractors and professionals with precise technical details. 

    A shop drawing is a technical drawing or a document that depicts the technical details of components on a construction site. Construction shop drawings are usually prepared by contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers to assist them with manufacturing, assembling, and installation of the pre-fabricated components such as HVAC systems, fire protection systems, structural components, etc.

    Architectural Shop Drawings

    Through our detailed architectural shop drawings, we assist the architects in drafting unique and technically sound architectural designs for the architectural components of the building.

    Structural Shop Drawings

    Structural Steel Shop Drawings and Rebar shop drawings play a vital role in construction. Structural Shop Drawings Services represent the minutest of the technical details & design intent for the structural components.

    Mechanical/HVAC Shop Drawings

    Structural Steel Shop Drawings and Rebar shop drawings play a vital role in construction. Structural Shop Drawings Services represent the minutest of the technical details and design intent for the structural components.

    Electrical Shop Drawings

    Lighting, switchboards, transformers, elevators, cable trays & panels of a building's electrical system are created using BIM implemented electrical shop drawing services.

    Plumbing Shop Drawings

    Drainage, piping system, water carrier & garbage disposal systems of a building are accurately designed with the help of clash coordinated plumbing shop drawings.

    Facade Shop Drawings

    Facade shop drawings represent the details of the different exterior building components, such as their design, measurements, geometry, placement & connections.

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    No matter how large or complicated your project may be, you can count on us to live up to our promise of unparalleled BIM expertise. Because of our persistent commitment to quality, extensive professional experience & technical understanding, we are adept at managing a wide variety of building projects.


    Delivering innovative shop drawing services to facilitate improved prefabrication and installation

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    Collaborating closely with our clients to deliver quality assured shop drawings within budget


    We empower our clients to be the best in the industry with our innovative construction shop drawing services


    Expert shop drawing service providers providing quality assured building fabrication

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    Shop Drawing Services Compliant with Industry Standards

    We improve the quality of the project by adhering completely to the standards set out by the construction industry & the relevant codes. We are a one-stop shop that can fulfill all of your requirements for shop & fabrication drawings.

    Complete the project on time with a streamlined construction process enabled by accurate shop drawings.

    Detailed, accurate, and clash coordinated shop drawings eliminate costly fabrication reworks

    Providing expert MEP shop drawings services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

    Trusted by the building owners, general contractors, fabricators, manufacturers, and design build firms in USA. 

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    Shop Drawing Services

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    The cost of shop drawings should be approximately 5 percent of the total project cost on average. For shop drawing services, the amount of money you will need to invest will be determined by the scale and scope of the construction project you are working on. 

    The shop drawings give the dimensions, measurements, and guidelines that are necessary to guarantee that each component of the design fits as intended in the overall design. 

    According to the terms of their agreement with the owner, contractors, and suppliers create shop drawings. These drawings are drafted by architects, structural, engineers, and MEP engineers. 

    At an earlier point in the design process, design drawings serve as a means of communicating design ideas. In contrast, shop drawings offer the specifics that are necessary for a fabricator throughout the fabrication, assembly, installation, and erection processes. These details include the specified material, various types of welds, and connection types.