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Top BIM Company is a leading provider of shop drawing services in the USA, India, Canada, UAE, and Europe. We have over 16 years of experience in the industry, and we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service.

Our team of experienced and qualified engineers and designers can create accurate and detailed shop drawings for any type of construction project. We use the latest CAD software and technology to ensure that our drawings are up-to-date and meet all industry standards.

Shop drawings are detailed drawings that are created by contractors or subcontractors to show how they plan to build a specific part of a project. They are used to communicate the contractor’s or subcontractor’s interpretation of the architect’s or engineer’s design, and to ensure that the project is built correctly and safely.

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We offers Shop Drawings In Construction

We offers MEP/ HVAC Shop and Fabrication Drawing services, providing detailed and accurate drawings of construction and manufacturing projects to help facilitate the fabrication, assembly, and installation process.

Architectural Shop Drawings

Through our detailed architectural shop drawings, we assist the architects in drafting unique and technically sound architectural designs for the architectural components of the building.

Structural Shop Drawings

Structural Steel Shop Drawings and Rebar shop drawings play a vital role in construction. Structural Shop Drawings Services represent the minutest of the technical details & design intent for the structural components.

Mechanical/HVAC Shop Drawings

Our MEP experts provide comprehensive shop drawings for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components, including HVAC systems, piping, ductwork, electrical panels, and more.

Steel Fabrication Shop Drawings

Steel shop drawings are used to define the components parts that are used during their construction, fabrication and assembly.

As Built Drawings

These are revised sets of drawings submitted by a contractor upon the completion of the project. They reflect all the changes made during the construction process.

Facade Shop Drawings

Facade shop drawings represent the details of the different exterior building components, such as their design, measurements, geometry, placement & connections.

Our Shop Drawing Process

Our shop drawing process is designed to ensure the accuracy, precision, and timely delivery of your drawings. No matter how large or complicated your project may be, you can count on us to live up to our promise of unparalleled BIM expertise. Because of our persistent commitment to quality, extensive professional experience & technical understanding, we are adept at managing a wide variety of building projects.


Delivering details that support your innovative design vision either through construction or prefabrication and installation.

Customer Focus

Collaborating closely with you to deliver customized shop drawings within the budget closest to your vision.


Excelling the quality and detail of your shop drawing requirements to the vision for quality-assured building development.

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Benefits of using Shop Drawing Services:

Here are some of the benefits of using shop drawing services:

  • Reduced construction costs: Shop drawings can help to reduce construction costs by ensuring that the project is built correctly and efficiently. By providing detailed information about the materials and methods that will be used, shop drawings can help to prevent costly mistakes and delays.
  • Improved safety: Shop drawings can help to improve safety by ensuring that all workers are aware of the hazards associated with the project and the proper safety precautions that must be taken.
  • Increased quality: Shop drawings can help to increase the quality of the project by ensuring that all materials and workmanship meet the required standards.
  • Enhanced communication: Shop drawings can help to improve communication between all parties involved in the project, including the architect, engineer, contractor, and subcontractors. This can help to avoid problems and delays down the road.
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Shop Drawing Services

We also offer a variety of other services, including:

  • Permit expediting
  • Millwork Drafting

If you are looking for a qualified and reliable coordinated HVAC & MEP shop drawings services, get in touch with us today. We would be happy to discuss your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The cost of shop drawings should be approximately 5 percent of the total project cost on average. For shop drawing services, the amount of money you will need to invest will be determined by the scale and scope of the construction project you are working on. 

The shop drawings give the dimensions, measurements, and guidelines that are necessary to guarantee that each component of the design fits as intended in the overall design. 

According to the terms of their agreement with the owner, contractors, and suppliers create shop drawings. These drawings are drafted by architects, structural, engineers, and MEP engineers. 

At an earlier point in the design process, design drawings serve as a means of communicating design ideas. In contrast, shop drawings offer the specifics that are necessary for a fabricator throughout the fabrication, assembly, installation, and erection processes. These details include the specified material, various types of welds, and connection types.

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