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    Point Cloud Scan to BIM Modeling in Construction

    Want to capture high-resolution 3D simulations?

    Scanning technology efficiently automates the time-consuming and difficult task of maintaining site documentation. 

    Scan-to-BIM creates a meticulous 3D model on a digital platform in place of the requirement for numerous drawings. Professionals can better understand the site conditions and make wise design decisions. Thanks to the as-built representation of the area and the neighboring structures. The as-built BIM model and the as-designed model can be distinguished. A precise as-built BIM model aids in the identifying potential installation and assembly issues, saving time and money. BIM model point cloud identifies safety risks and promotes enhanced construction safety management. 

    The method of collecting a building’s geometry from point cloud data via 3D scanning of buildings is known as 3D scan to BIM. A thorough building information model is created from the data that was collected using the Revit point cloud modeling services. Being one of the seasoned Revit scan to BIM companies, we offer laser survey scan to point cloud to 3D model conversion with utter perfection.  

    Architectural (walls interior, exterior, doors, windows), Structural (beams, columns, foundations, truss joint), and MEPF (electrical connection, plumbing, piping, fire sprinklers) services are provided by our knowledgeable Scan to BIM Modeling team. Scan to BIM produces accurate, perfectly coordinated as-built documents. To maximize productivity, we perform a number of clash checks and guarantee that the Revit Building Information Model given to the clients is error-free. 

    Laser Scan To BIM

    We convert the precise laser scan point cloud data to information rich LOD 500 3D BIM model which can be used for professional design and maintenance of the building.

    Scan To Revit MEP

    We help in creating Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing models from point cloud data using Revit for refurbishments in commercial, and industrial buildings.

    Point Cloud To CAD

    We convert point cloud data into editable CAD drawings for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings for professional documentation and design process.

    Benefits of Point Cloud To BIM Services

    For simple construction, remodeling, and refurbishment, point clouds used with BIM technologies provide exact and accurate models.

    Point Cloud Scan to Revit BIM Modeling Process

    The precision and visualization of 3D models are enhanced by the use of a rational coordinate system strengthened by a base point.

    Reviewing input files

    It is necessary to review the input files, which consist of scans and point cloud data.

    Fixing orientation

    To fix the orientation and new location of the point cloud, the coordinate equivalent of the scans are inserted. Work in the original coordinate system can be made easier by shifting base point.

    Preparing logical coordinate system

    A logical coordinate system helps our modeling team produce in Revit accurate point cloud displays and desirable graphical behaviors. To quickly visualize point clouds, we apply sophisticated techniques and tools.

    Creating scan to BIM model

    Our team used Revit to create Scan-to-BIM model at LOD 400 utilizing 3D survey measurements & photos. The deliverables improve insights for material estimation & renovation timeline.

    Why Choose Us

    Scan Integration with Accurate Point Cloud

    Better mapping and consistent point cloud transformation are aided by accurate point cloud alignment.

    Correct point cloud alignment speeds up results by 15-20% at various stages, eliminating manual intervention.

    Laser scanners produce 3D point clouds with extraneous object data, which we clean up before modeling.

    Comparing scanned datasets with photographs & drawings, we enhance as-built consistency reducing RFIs.

    Using precise positions from Google Maps and reorienting the building helps us solve orientation problems.

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    Scan to BIM Services

    Speed Up Model Processing with Point Cloud Scan to BIM

    Get a free quote for 3D BIM Laser Scanning for full density real-time modeling. Through visibility and graphical overrides, point cloud files in Revit improve real-time collaboration.

    Please provide your contact information, and requirements for BIM 3D scanning or point cloud to Revit Model and we’ll respond right away.

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    Scan to BIM data makes it easier to create a precise Bill of Material, which reduces the likelihood of building budget overruns. In order to create an as-built model that is useful for facility management, maintenance, and operation operations, BIM models from laser scanned data are also used. 

    A point cloud is a group of data points created in space by 3D scanners or Photogrammetry software. The laser scanner records an exact as-built of a structure or region, enabling the creation of a drawing of the existing building with its precise measurements and specifications.

    Point clouds are a byproduct of 3D scanning processes and are employed in a variety of ways, including the creation of 3D computer-aided design (CAD) models for manufactured parts, metrology and quality inspection, and a wide range of visualizing, animating, rendering, and mass customization applications. 

    Using a 3D laser scanner to collect several points and measure an area is called point cloud scanning. With mobile mapping devices, you may easily create a point cloud to collect dimensions, size, and layout information.