No matter the scale or complexity, we have worked on numerous projects across residential, commercial, infrastructural, industrial, and various other sectors.

Renovation Project- TopBIM Company

School Renovation

An elementary school located in the USA. Our responsibility for the educational building was to create a BIM model for the mechanical systems of the building.
  • Elementary School
Structural Project- TopBIM Company

Office Building Project

Office Building Project is a structural BIM project completed by Top BIM. The expert team took 6 months to complete the whole project, offering LOD 350 BIM model.
  • Office Building Project
Learning Center Project- Top BIM Company

Learning Center LC

LC is an architectural BIM project developed by Top BIM company. We offered a comprehensive architectural BIM according to the client requirement of LOD 350.
  • Learning Center
Bungalow Project- Top BIM Company

Peter Brothers Bungalow

It was a private residential space project. The client was facilitated with layouts, images of the property, and a data-rich architectural BIM model of the project.
  • Peter Brothers
Property Restoration Project- Top BIM Company

Property Restoration

The objective of the Property Restoration project was to develop a comprehensive & data-rich architectural Building Information Model of the structure.
  • Property Restoration
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