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    Real-time & Precise 3D laser scanning survey

    Want to minimize labor cost, save time and reduce risk in construction? 

    BIM laser scanning is the right choice. It’s a competent method of 3D laser scanning surveys. The popularity stems from its ability to capture actual data of buildings and surrounding environments for 3D model creation.

    Being a proficient 3D laser scanning company in the USA, we deliver 2D and 3D plans for refurbishment, asset management, and facility management, along with 3D laser scan, modeling, and inspection services. We have proficiency in LiDAR scanning services to capture reality and turn the data into engineering-grade outputs accurately and quickly for small retail outlets to huge complicated industrial complexes. 3D laser scanning to modeling allows us safe & swift journey incase of sensitive areas through remote mobile scanning.

    How do BIM laser scanning consultants work?

    • Engineers working on 3D laser scanning buildings use extremely precise field scanning equipment. According to the needs of the client, engineers accurately convert point cloud modeling into Autodesk Revit or CAD files. 
    • The engineers convert 2D As-builts into suitable BIM files with parametric metadata for the residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and federal sectors.

    Benefits of 3D laser scanning in construction:

    Using laser scanning, construction teams can take planning and detail to a whole new level. This allows scans to be performed and accessible promptly, increasing productivity and decreasing rework.

    3D Laser Scanning Applications in Construction

    Redesigning, remodeling, asset management, MEP modeling and facility operation and maintenance are executed efficiently and cost-effectively through 3D scanning companies.

    The technology of 3D laser scanning and modeling is used for:

    3D Laser Scan to BIM Conversion Process

    The fundamental step in the scan to BIM process is to use a 3D laser scanner to capture a high-density point cloud of the client’s building or structure. BIM modelers turn unprocessed scanning data (point clouds) into BIM models, ensuring collaboration and openness in subsequent work. 

    Data Acquisition

    With the use of 3D laser scanners, precise point cloud data is gathered.3D technologies provide quick scanning, accurate data, time savings, and steady support. Quickly gather information about a scene for an investigation, a reconstruction, and legal prosecution.

    Importing Data

    The appropriate BIM software is used to import the gathered data and create models. Documentation becomes data-driven, rapid & secure, and simple to use, providing realistic results.

    BIM Modeling

    The point cloud data is transformed using computer programs into an extensive BIM model. Construction delays are reduced and the design process moves more quickly by integrating 3D building scanning into the BIM model.


    Once complete, the BIM model is delivered to the client in the required format. You can export survey data in a comprehensible manner.

    How do we work?

    Eliminate Proximity-based Impediments

    A 3D laser scanner’s quick data capture speed makes it possible to record millions of data points in a matter of seconds. Using quick 3D laser surveying services make it perfect for working on time-sensitive projects where a quick turnaround is essential. 

    Trusted by renowned construction companies, architects, design-build firms and AEC professionals.

    Scan to BIM experts have the knowledge of the many state building regulations in the USA & deliver projects on time without much hassle.

    Data-driven documentation and maximum precision.

    Working with improved technology to manage challenging & complex BIM needs.

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    3D Laser Scanning Services

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    Depending on the amount of precision, the location, and the distances scanned, the majority of scanning applications require 1.5 to 8 minutes per scan. A site could need a few to hundreds of scans.

    3D point accuracy measures 1.9 mm at 10 metres, 2.9 mm at 20 metres, and 5.3 mm at 40 metres. With crisp, high-quality scans that are rich in information and ready for usage in a variety of applications, it collects low noise data to enable superior photographs. 

    Yes, scanning occupied buildings is safe and fully feasible. The building sector has been using 3D laser scanning 3d modeling as a secure method for almost 20 years. 

    A quick, accurate, and affordable 3D survey of existing structures, buildings, and their interiors is made possible by laser scanning. While undertaking dimensionally accurate surveys or documenting building defects or facades, laser scanning is frequently used.