3D Laser scanning Services

Redesign an existing building, coordinate for new construction or perform Facility Management through LiDAR based laser scanning technology.

Accurate & Precise Reality Capture- 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Companies captures high-quality Scan To BIM, 2D and 3D plans for renovation, asset management, and facility management.  From small retail locations to large complex industrial buildings accurate and faster delivery is possible with 3D Laser scanning technology in construction.

As Built Drawing

As-built drawings is the construction documents submitted to the clients once the construction is completed. They are used as a reference for the required data for renovation and facility management.

Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM | CAD facilitates AEC professionals with comprehensive data-rich Building Information Models in order to ease out the construction process. Through BIM, one can achieve cost-efficacy, time-efficacy and quality-assured outcomes.

Digital Twinning

Digital twins created using 3D laser scanning technology provide accurate as-is details. The digital twins assist engineers in renovation projects.

Why 3D Laser Scanning?

3D Laser Scanning and modeling consultants adopt highly accurate field scanning equipment. Engineering software accurately perform point cloud modeling conversion into Autodesk Revit or CAD file as per client requirement. 

We have experience in creating compatible BIM file with parametric metadata from 2D as-builts and read marks for residential, industrial, commercial, muncipalities , federal sector.

3D Laser Scanning- Top BIM Company

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Applications of 3D Laser Scanning in construction

Redesigning, remodeling , asset management, MEP modeling or facility operation and maintenance can be performed cost effectively with Top BIM as 3D scanning company in providing services across USA.

Laser Scan To BIM Conversion Process


Data Acquisition

Accurate point cloud data is acquired using the 3D laser scanners.


Importing Data

The acquired data is imported into the relevant BIM software for model creation.


BIM Modeling

The point cloud data is then converted into a comprehensive BIM model using computer applications.



The BIM model once ready is submitted to the client in the required format.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning in Construction

Using laser scanning, construction teams can take planning and detail to a whole new level. This allows scans to be performed and accessible promptly, increasing productivity and decreasing rework. There are numerous benefits of using 3D Laser scanning in construction, some important of them are as follows:

3D laser scanning- Top BIM Company

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