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Architectural BIM Services

Top BIM Company with a team of architects provides a wide array of architectural BIM services like architectural design development, construction documentation, and 3D modeling with parametric families. Building Information Modeling professionals ensure that our architectural engineering solutions match the best requirements of the architects, builders, engineers and contractors.  

Architectural BIM

Our Architectural BIM Services include

 ⭐ Point Cloud to BIM ⭐ 3D Modeling ⭐ 4D Scheduling/Construction Simulation
 ⭐ Modular BIM  ⭐ Drafting Services  ⭐ Utility Modeling 
 ⭐ Presentation Model  ⭐ Revit BIM Services ⭐ Quantity Takeoff/5D Cost Estimation 

Through architectural BIM services, we facilitate Architectural, Engineering and Construction clients to reduce construction time and cost. Building Information Modeling acts as a great tool for construction visualization, enabling virtual 3D representation of the project through walkthroughs, renderings and model sequencing.

Get 50% ROI on your BIM modeling or any building construction projects.

Benefits of Seeking Architectural BIM Modeling

  • Overall Cost Reduction of Projects 
  • Enhanced Construction Quality 
  • Efficient Design-Build Stages & Construction Collaboration 
  • Improved Building Performance 

Project Lifecycle Stages Benefited through Architectural BIM Services

  • Pre-construction Stage Support – At the pre-construction stage, BIM technology helps architects in design development and coordination. The expert engineers verify whether the proposed design is financially feasible or not. In case, there are some constructability issues, we create new designs based on the estimated cost and time.   
  • Design-Build Stage- During the design-build stage, we help AEC clients with design drawings such as conceptual, schematic, detailed drawings and construction documentation. 
  • Conceptual Design – The conceptual stage is the first phase of the design process. This phase is equated to LOD 100 Revit model and involves the creative visualization of the overall concept.  
  • Schematic Design – Next is the schematic design stage, where the initial stage of the design starts taking shape. This equates to LOD 200, where we create the models of the elements based on approximate size, location, shape, quantity and operation. 
  • Detailed Design – The detailed designing stage equates to LOD 300, where the designs are refined and planned and estimates and specifications are created. The entire cost of the project is identified at this stage. Here we provide detailed drawings including the material characteristics and project construction method. 
  •  Construction Documentation – During the stage of construction documentation, we prepare the final drawing for construction, including the creation of 3d models, construction drawings, encompassing plan, section and elevations. Further, it includes a schedule for cost planning. This stage is equated to LOD 400.  
  • Fabrication Stage – At this stage, we provide accurate building visualization with real-time parameters. This helps in improved onsite coordination of services in construction, detecting clashes and enabling resolution for the entire building, paving the way to easy facility maintenance and management. 
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