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As-built documentation is a critical component of any construction project. It provides a record of the actual sizes, locations, and details of the finished project, as opposed to the original plans. 

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TopBIM offers accurate as-built drawings and as-built models as a record for maintenance, facility management and renovation of a structure. Explore our as-built services for more information. 

As Built Drawing

As built drawings are the final drawings produced after the completion of the construction. As-built drawings represent the exact dimensions and conditions of the built asset.

As Built Model

The 3D models representing the building structure in its as-is condition is known as an as-built model. The as-built models are comprehensively utilized for renovation and facility management of a building.

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What are As Built Services?

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Our Process For As Built Drawings

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Process for As Built Drawings TopBIM Company

As-Built drawings

As-built drawings are drawings that depict the actual construction of a project, as opposed to the proposed design. These drawings can be used to verify that a project was built according to the original plans and specifications. As-built drawings can be created during or after construction and may be created by the contractor, architect, or engineer. As-built drawings are useful for facility managers as they depict the accurate technical details of the structure. 

As-Built models

As-built models are three-dimensional representations of a structure as it is actually built. These models are typically used for construction project management, to verify that the finished product matches the plans. As-built models can also be used for marketing purposes, to give potential buyers a realistic view of the property. The as-built BIM model is created using a variety of as-built BIM modelling software, including Revit. 

Benefits of As Built Services

Overall, as-built drawings can provide a number of benefits and advantages for all parties involved in a construction project.

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