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A detailed record of modifications during building process, adressing issues

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    Are you having design concerns? Get 100% Quality Assured & Precise as built drawings.

    The existing buildings are surveyed, maintained, and reviewed using as-built services. It helps architects keep track and pinpoint the significant changes that occur between the creation of a project and its initial plans. They are necessary for all types of construction work, including new building construction as well as renovation and maintenance of existing structures.  

    We provide precise as-built drawings and as-built 3D models for efficient refurbishment and facility management. Whether it’s architectural, structural, or MEP project, our experts deliver thorough as-built drafting & drawing services to the clients of architecture, engineering & construction industries. We also guarantee cost effectiveness and reduced project delays. 

    As one of the best As-built documentation service providers in USA, Our skilled BIM modeling specialists work hard to provide clients in the design, engineering, and construction industries with accurate and information-rich as built modeling services. Our committed project manager actively keep you informed of our progress, and respond to your inquiries about As-built building & floor plan drawing service. 

    As-Built Drawing

    The final drawings created after the work is finished are known as as-built drawings. As-built drawings show the built asset's precise dimensions and characteristics.

    As Built Modeling

    An as-built model is a 3D representation of the building structure in its current state. The maintenance of a building's facilities and renovations reqiure use of the as-built models.

    As Built Drafting

    While doing renovations, facility managers and engineers use as-built drafting to visualize the precise locations of the various building structure's components

    Advantages of As Built Modeling Services

    Implementing as-builts into your AEC projects has several advantages because it provides construction professionals with a variety of advantages during all phases of development. A few of these advantages are listed in the following.

    As-Built Floor Plan

    Instead of using the original design or suggested conditions, As built floor plans offer an accurate and realistic representation of structures. As a result, information is accurately transferred through the design, construction, and architectural departments. Our drawings clear out any ambiguity or doubt regarding the alterations and adjustments made during the original drawing and design stages, so that clients can have a clear understanding of what the project’s final outcome might be.

    Different types of As-built plans & as-built drawings include:

    Our Process of As Built Services

    Top BIM engineers offer as-built surveys for a variety of buildings, including residential, commercial, office, retail, hospitality, and more. Our process enables seamless execution of your program so that we can always provide exactly what you require.

    Pricing, Proposal & Scheduling

    After gathering information about your project, we create your proposal, which will be delivered by the following business day. Upon acceptance, we offer a thorough schedule that covers the site visit, the drawing process, and the anticipated delivery date.

    Site Visit & Drafting

    We work closely with you or your client to plan the field study. Depending on how intricate the job is, it could take anything from an hour to many weeks. Our drafters draft As-Built plans precisely in your preferred AutoCAD, Revit, or ArchiCAD format. They can include extra information in the plans, such as specific customer requirements and other project deliverables.

    Quality Check & Project Delivery

    Our Quality Assurance team examines the As-Built drawings, models, and photographs to ensure that the overall scope of work is accurate and comprehensive. Your project manager distributes the finished project files through email and/or file share, including AutoCAD or Revit files, PDF plans, and digital pictures.

    Post-project Support

    We stay in touch with you after delivering your plans. Throughout the entire lifecycle of your project and beyond, our staff is always accessible to discuss any inquiries or supplementary requirements.

    We Prevent Costly Errors

    As Built Plans - A Foundation of Project Remodeling

    As built documents are essential and initial steps in project remodeling projects, giving you a clear picture of what you have to deal with.

    Trusted by renowned construction companies, architects, design-build firms, and AEC professionals.

    Precisely depicting building dimensions & conditions through as-built plans.

    Depending on the size of remodeling project, we use a variety of As-Built designs.

    Never let project schedule fall behind with our detailed as-built plans, visualizing every design change.

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    As-builts drawings, sometimes referred to as record drawings and red-line drawings, are records that give a precise layout of the building and the surrounding area as they were ultimately built, allowing a comparison between the designed and final requirements.

    All project stakeholders have an exact starting point. Modifications, field changes, design changes, and any other variations made during construction are reflected in the final As Built drawings

    As-built drawings are advantageous to contractors because they provide a thorough record of the modifications made during the building process and make it simpler to visualize subsequent steps. 

    Upon completion, stamp title sheet with "RECORD DRAWING AS-BUILT," along with the contractor's name, the current time, and any other pertinent data. Label a sheet just "As-Built" if it has not been altered in any way or has not been marked.