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As-built documentation is a critical component of any construction project. It provides a record of the actual sizes, locations, and details of the finished project, as opposed to the original plans. We deliver accurate as-built drawings and as-built 3D models for your architectural, structural, and MEP projects for effective renovation and facility management. We ensure cost-effectiveness and reduced delays through our comprehensive as-built drafting services,
as built measuring services, as-built modeling services, and as-built plan services.

As Built Drawing

As built drawings are the final drawings produced after the completion of the construction. As-built drawings represent the exact dimensions and conditions of the built asset.

As Built Modeling

The 3D models representing the building structure in its as-is condition is known as an as-built model. The as-built models are comprehensively utilized for renovation and facility management of a building.

As Built Drafting

As-built drafting represent accurate positions of the various components of the building structure in their installed condition, to which the facility managers and engineers can refer later while conducting renovation.

What are As Built Services?

As-Built Services are utilized for surveys, maintenance and review of the existing buildings. It aids architects in keeping track of and defining the broad changes between initial building plans and their actual construction. They are essential for all building projects, including renovations, upkeep of existing buildings, and the construction of entirely new buildings.

We have been offering the finest as-built documentation services for the last 16 years across the country. Our experienced Building Information Modeling professionals strive to deliver accurate and information-rich As-Built BIM models and as-built drawings to the clients of architecture, engineering & construction industries. 

The BIM models created using the LiDAR Scan to BIM technology are accurate and according to the Level of Development (LOD 100 to LOD 500) and specifications, as required by the clients.

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Our Process For As Built Drawings

3D laser scanning technology ensures capturing of millions of data points for precise information to be drafted into 2D or 3D as-built plans. We use cutting-edge technology to produce high-quality as-built drawings, using a systematic process. Explore our process for as-built drawing creation: –

Step 1: Utilize the laser scanning process to gather precise data.

Step 2: Into the software for processing, import the point cloud data.

Step 3: The processed data is used to create CAD drawings or Revit BIM models, also referred to as-built drawings and built models, of the constructed asset.

Process of As built modeling

As-Built drawings

As-built drawings are the technical document that depicts the actual construction of a project, as per the proposed design. These drawings are used to verify that a project was built according to the original plans and specifications. As-built drawings can be created during or after construction and may be created by the contractor, architect, or engineer. As-built drawings are useful for facility managers as they depict the accurate technical details.

As-Built models

As-built models are three-dimensional representations of the structure, representing its as-is condition. These models are typically used for construction project management, to verify that the finished product matches the plans. As-built models can also be used for marketing purposes, to give potential buyers a realistic view of the property. The as-built BIM model is created using variety of as-built modeling software, including Autodesk Revit.

Benefits of As Built Services

We offer an array of benefits for your renovation projects through as-built services. The benefits of implementing as-builts into your AEC projects are numerous as it offers a range of benefits to construction professionals in all phases of construction, some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Documentation:  Acquiring the details about all the visible and hidden components of the building, such as their location, size, etc., can be simpler and more effective to retrieve as-built documents.
  • Easy Renovation: As-Built drawings and models make future renovation and fit-out projects more effective by ensuring a proper record of the final constructed building.
  • Better Maintenance: They also support maintenance efforts and serve as confirmation for the contractor regarding the quantity of materials used during construction.
  • Time Saving: As the construction process progresses from one phase to the next, the contractors are able to see what needs to be done. So, through as-builts, the contractors can capture any changes that occur. 
  • Visualization: Better visualization and virtual tours of the structure are both made possible by the as-built 3D model through digital twin technology. 
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