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    Revit BIM Coordination Services for Clash Free Construction

    Prevent errors during pre-construction before it becomes costly mistake during construction, wasting your money, time, and resources. To achieve a coordinated construction model devoid of hard & soft clashes, we perform several clash detection tests throughout the whole BIM coordination process.  

    We offer MEP BIM Coordination Services utilizing the best BIM coordination software like Autodesk Revit, Solibri & Navisworks. When you work with us, you can rest assured that the BIM coordination drawings you receive will be detailed, accurate, and in line with all applicable international standards & codes. Our 3D BIM coordination and collaboration capabilities cover a wide range of sectors, including commercial, healthcare, entertainment, industrial, healthcare, residential, educational & mixed-use buildings.

    We provide the following BIM coordination services:

    Clash Report Generation

    Deliver a clash report for MEP engineers, architects, general contractors, designers & building owners that details both soft & hard clashes.

    Soft & Hard Clash Detection

    Identify and fix all the soft & hard clashes in Architectural, Structural, Mechanical/HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing services of a building.

    Coordination drawings

    BIM coordination drawings allow for the precise coordination of drawings from several disciplines into a single, clash-free, data-rich construction drawing.

    MEP Coordination

    MEP BIM coordination services allow for the coordination & identification of clashes between BIM models from Architectural, Structural, and MEP services.

    BIM Design Modification

    Using BIM, engineers can make necessary adjustments to a building's designs before construction ever begins, saving time & money.

    BIM Coordination Process

    1. Exporting models to IFC format: Separate models for different services are converted to IFC format for easy coordination.
    2. Combine multiple services models: These models in IFC format are combined in a Common Data Environment (CDE)
    3. Perform model check: BIM coordination software checks for clashes between different services.
    4. Send clash reports: After finding clashes the clash report is generated and send to Architects & Engineers to coordinate and fix the clashes.
    5. Final BIM coordination model: Get the clashes fixed by Architects, Structural engineers, and MEP engineers & coordinated to create a clash coordinated BIM model.

    Benefits of 3D BIM coordination

    Our Core Values for BIM Coordination Services

    Our company specializes in commercial, healthcare, entertainment, industrial, educational, and mixed-use 3D BIM coordination services. You can trust that your projects will be delivered on time & within budget because of our tested BIM methodology, meticulous attention to detail, and extensive functional experience. 


    Delivering innovative BIM MEP coordination solutions to facilitate improved design and accelerated construction.

    Customer Focus

    Collaborating closely with building owners and contractors to deliver quality assured projects within time and budget.


    We empower our clients to be the best in the industry with our innovative Revit 3D Coordination & clash detection services.


    Expert BIM Architects & Engineers provide clash report generation and Revit BIM coordination services.

    Why Choose Us

    Revit BIM Coordination Services to Increase Onsite Productivity

    Eliminating clashes, and design flaws as early as possible in the preconstruction phase is a primary goal of our MEP BIM coordination services, with the hope of onsite productivity

    Provide clash detection & BIM coordination services for residential, commercial & industrial buildings.

    With enhanced BIM coordination, we create a hassle-free construction environment & reduced RFIs

    Saving construction costs & completing projects hassle-free without errors.

    Trusted by the building owners, contractors, architecture, design-build & MEPF firms in USA for outsourcing BIM coordination services.

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    BIM coordination in construction is a process of Building Information Modeling that facilitates the collaboration between MEP (Mechanical/HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing) engineering, structural engineering & architectural services of a building in a Common Data environment (CDE). 

    BIM coordinators oversee all digital activities during the planning, designing & building phases of a project. They make certain that 3D models, drawings, and data relating to various building services are hosted in one location that is easily accessible. They also host BIM coordination meetings for enabling faster BIM coordination process & collaboration between team members.

    Before construction begins, Revit MEP coordination services help in finding and resolving clashes between the Mechanical/HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Safety services of a building. MEP BIM coordination services also ensure that clashes between Architectural & Structural services are discovered and coordinated. 

    Creating a BIM coordination model takes an average of 6-8 weeks. The exact time taken will depend upon the size & complexity of the project.