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    BIM For Infrasrtucture

    BIM for Building Infrastructure & Civil Structure

    Are you looking for onsite collaboration, model-based estimation and project visualization at preconstruction? Seek BIM for Infrastructure and Civil!  

    For projects involving civil engineering and infrastructure, Top BIM Company provides BIM modeling services. Our internal team includes architects, MEP engineers, civil engineers, and BIM modelers who are skilled in overseeing infrastructure and civil building projects. We support our clients’ off-site and on-site cooperation while assisting with project visualization, scheduling, and budgeting. 

    Our diverse team can successfully cope with issues when it comes to creating infrastructures like bridges, tunnels, highways, dams, and other public amenities, determining the most appropriate solution. BIM implementation can also increase precision and accuracy during the pre-construction stage of an infrastructure project, lowering the risk of mistakes and misunderstandings and opening the door for more well-informed decision-making. 

    Benefits of BIM for Infrastructure & Civil Projects

    Implementing BIM in Civil Engineering & Infrastructure

    BIM modelers use variety parameters to create Revit BIM models. From LOD 100 through LOD 500, different Levels of Detailing are used to generate the BIM model. For creating relevant BIM models for infrastructure & civil, we have a team of Architects, Structural & MEP engineers. Let’s examine the procedures needed to create a BIM for Civil & Infrastructure. 

    Existing Condition Analysis

    Existing condition survey through Scan to BIM, site modeling & topographic modeling

    Infrastructure Planning & Design

    Design development & coordination, construction documentation, energy analysis, modeling

    Off-site Fabrication

    Fabrication drawings, parametric modeling & spool drawing creation

    Construction & Asset Management

    Utility coordination, shoring modeling, procurement plan, LOD 500 model, as-built update, COBie, FM

    Why Choose Us

    Get Complete Control over project

    Comprehensive knowledge amongst stakeholders, with an emphasis on accuracy and update, the core BIM model ensures work in synchronized coordination.

    Comprehending blueprints, visualizing final designs, using BIM with AR & VR

    Monitoring time & cost with 4D & 5D BIM for accurate scheduling and material calculation

    Using point cloud to BIM, infrastructure gets renovated quickly & effectively

    Efficient communication, integrating project components, ensuring constructible design

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    Complete Project
    BIM For Civil

    Minimize Errors, Get rid of Misunderstanding at Preconstruction

    Errors and misunderstandings are reduced at an early stage, enabling better decision-making for your infrastructure modeling requirements.

    Top BIM Company & Solutions

    Yes, BIM is applicable for civil engineering and infrastructure projects. Use BIM (Building Information Modeling) procedures that are smart and integrated to help your projects succeed in the long run, paving the way to a safe and sound infrastructure for your nation.

    A collaborative work method for organizing, managing, and exploiting data and information for transportation assets throughout their lifecycle is building information modeling (BIM), often known as BIM for Infrastructure.

    Building information modeling (BIM), a comprehensive procedure that can enhance every area of a project, is crucial in the construction industry. The use of digital technologies by the design, construction, and engineering teams is made possible by BIM. In most cases, this produces better overall results.

    BIM makes it possible to see existing infrastructure correctly and offer data essential for developing new designs. The gives greater efficiency and shorter project lifecycles to all architectural, engineering and construction professionals.