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Plan, Design, and Model your AEC project with our innovative BIM solutions Globally

VDC BIM Design Company

Digitized Designing

We leverage the latest digital technologies for quality assured and accurate design build solutions

VDC & GIS Integration

Our solutions address the built and natural environment asset data for sustainable design

Delivering Globally

Our BIM professionals are 16+ years experienced in providing BIM consulting services globally.

Services Provided by TopBIM Consulting Firm

leading Globally in Building Information Modeling Services

With our clientele in the USA, CA, India, and UAE, we as a leading BIM company, aim to transform the AEC industry with our BIM automation services for efficient building design, construction, and maintenance. With a team of expert architects and engineers, we deliver a comprehensive suite of 4D and 5D BIM services tailored to your needs.Ā 


BIM Services

BIM serves in creating intelligent 3D BIM models along with 4D BIM scheduling and 5D BIM cost estimation services

3D Laser Scanning

We offer 3D laser scanning services to acquire accurate point cloud data for as built modeling of buildings

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MEP BIM Services

We provide BIM implemented design and shop drawings for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection

Revit Family Creation

We offer Revit family creation for architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, & plumbing BIM objects

Shop Drawing

Our shop drawings for architectural, structural, and MEP services help in the easy fabrication and installation

Scan to BIM

Our Scan to BIM services helps in the creation of as built models with 3D laser scanning and Revit BIM modeling

BIM Coordination & Clash Detection

To identify clash detection between the various disciplines (Architecture, Structural & MEPF etc.)

Asset Facility Management

Make better decisions about managing buildings, facilities and assets with up-to-date data

4D BIM scheduling

4D BIM modeling and scheduling effectively from the outset to the completion of a project allows you to make the work, reduce risks, and stay ahead of the competition.

5D BIM Cost Estimation

Get a precise cost estimate by using 5D BIM services, and feel confident that the project will be finished successfully within the budget.

Why Choose TopBIM Company?

16+ Years of Excellence in Delivering BIM Solutions Worldwide

We take pride in delivering projects on time, within budget, and with exceptional quality. We have been providing BIM engineering services across the globe using BIM softwares Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUP, V-Ray, Navisworks, Synchro, etc.

Our domain specific knowledge and strong industry presence gives better ROI

Highly skillful and knowledgeable team of BIM Modelers, Engineers & Architects.Ā 

We are proud to have successfully delivered our services to 151+ projects

Client focused deliverables with specified BIM LOD & Cobie ParametersĀ 


We focus on maintaining theĀ  qualitative customer satisfaction, and technical expertise for our clients to the ideate project process.

BIM design services

Our Work

We are proud to successfully completed 230+ BIM projects spanning a variety of sectors. A glimpse of the projects that TopBIM Company have worked on by providing customized BIM design solutions.

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Clients Testimonial

Our clients praise us for our great results, personable service, expert knowledge, and on-time delivery.

Facilities Managers
Samantha Johnson Architect

I was extremely impressed with the BIM coordination services provided by this company. They were able to identify and resolve clashes between different building systems early in the design process, which saved us time and money during construction.

Government Agent
Tyler Williams Government Officer

We recently used 3D laser scanning services for the documentation of an existing building, and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and accuracy of the results. The company's team was highly skilled in operating the equipment and capturing detailed 3D scans of the building's interior and exterior.

Civil Engineer
Olivia Martinez Facility Manager

For a large commercial project, they were able to create highly detailed models that accurately represented our design. They also worked quickly and efficiently, which helped keep the project on track.

Jackson Lee General Contractor

The company's team used high-tech equipment to capture highly detailed scans of the project site, including complex machinery and equipment. The resulting point cloud was then used to create a highly accurate 3D model. I highly recommend 3D laser scanning services for industrial applications.

Madison Scott Building Owner

They were able to create highly detailed models of our building that included all of the necessary information for facility management, such as equipment locations and maintenance schedules. This company's BIM facility management services were top-notch.

    Facilitating BIM Design Services to Stakeholders

    who trusted our bim company and living a deep-rooted reliable relation with us. Delivering remarkable future


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    General Contractor

    General Contractors

    Facilities Managers

    Facilities Managers


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    Government Agencies

    Trades People

    Trades People

    Sectors & Our Associations

    We are a BIM modeling services company assisting AEC professionals at the preconstruction, construction, and operations stages in improving coordination, resource utilization, cost estimation, and design development.


    Healthcare | Office Build-out | Hotels & Restaurants| Clinics | Community centre


    Residential | Commercial | Airports | Metros | Dams | Educational


    Oil & Gas Plants | Facility Management | Off-shore Construction | Power station


    Apartments | Multi-story | Housing Developments | Buildings | High-Rise Buildings


    Schools | Colleges | Universities | Library | Learning Center | Technical Institute | Classroom

    Civil & Infrastructure

    Airports | Metros | Railways | Tunnel | Bridges | Dams | Canals | Airports | Water & Sewerage

    Check out our latest articles to know about the BIM trends and development in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.Ā 

    Integrate time and cost aspects in your building project with 5D BIM Construction, enabling efficient project planning, scheduling, and budgeting

    Explore the crucial role Autodesk is playing in shaping the future of construction industry. Find out how their cutting-edge software is streamlining workflows, improving efficiency, and driving.

    Explore the crucial role Autodesk is playing in shaping the future of construction industry. Find out how their cutting-edge software is streamlining workflows, improving efficiency, and driving.

    Explore the crucial role Autodesk is playing in shaping the future of construction industry. Find out how their cutting-edge software is streamlining workflows, improving efficiency, and driving.

    Know about effective MEP design strategies for sustainable building construction, optimum utilization of resources, easy system maintenance & to avoid cost overruns

    Scan to BIM process is used for capturing a space with a laser scanner to turn it into a 3D digital model for planning & managing the building built environment

    Facility managers, Surveyors, Building Owners & Contractors are using as-built drawings to document changes & revisions made to the building's constructed model

    Digital Twinning captures real-time data for operating building facilities and simulating future scenarios based on environment and building management systems

    3d laser scanning in construction enables virtual mapping of every area of a construction site for remodeling, retrofitting, or extension of projects

    Learn about 3D laser scanning in building construction, how reality capture of point cloud data is altering the construction to enhance accuracy & productivity.