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Bespoke BIM object creation for seamless Revit modeling

Parametric & Non-Parametric Revit Families & BIM Object Creation

We yield adequate, ready-to-use Revit Families for architectural, structural, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and fire-fighting components. Our system, loadable, and in-place families meet the client’s required Level of Detail ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500.  

Revit family or BIM object digitally defines product geometry and physical properties. BIM objects replicate real-time behavior despite being virtual.  

Our precise BIM Object development or Revit architecture family creation services with LOD 100 to 500 helps architects, MEP engineers, building product manufacturers, equipment & product makers, furniture designers, fabricators, and facility managers with BIM objects of appropriate file format (.RVT, .RTE & .IFC).  

Revit MEP family creation and Revit architecture family creation are where we really shine for design-build companies, and that’s exactly what we do. It is possible for us to make files in AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, Solidworks, Fusion 360, 3DS Max, and SketchUp. To provide the best possible performance of the model, we develop it in the native environment of the target software. 

We Offer Revit Family Creation Services

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Benefits of Revit Content Creation

Construction industry professionals, such as architects, structural engineers, and MEP specialists, can benefit from the precision and efficiency gained by using Revit family creation services to create unique BIM objects for use in their Revit models. These BIM families created using Revit design services, once developed, can be reused across projects as needed and updated down the line as conditions change. 

Revit Object Creation

Furniture | Foundation | Door | Window | Curtain wall | Railing | Elevator | Ceiling | Stairs

Column | Steel Section | Structural Connections | Beam Section | Structural Steel sections | Truss

HVAC Duct | HVAC Pipe | Duct Hanger | Radiators and Convectors | VAV terminal units

Switch & Socket | Electrical equipment | Distribution Board | Transformer | Electrical devices | Lighting Fixtures

Pump | Valve | Fittings | Pipes & fixtures | Wash Basins | Water Closet | Sinks

Fire Alarm Devices | Extinguisher Detention Cabinet | Fire Blanket Cabinet | Fire Extinguisher |  Sprinklers

Revit Family Creation Process

Our in-house team of BIM experts provides tailor-made Revit object creation services as specified by the clients to suit their project requirements using Autodesk Revit and following the steps below: 

Select a Family Type

Choose the appropriate template for your family, such as a door, window, wall, etc.

Family Sub Category Creation

Define the family subcategories in order to achieve maximum geometry visibility.

Create Reference Plane

Make a Reference plane and Reference line with the use of the tools

Configure the Visibility Rules

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Our Projects


Crafting Custom Revit Families for AEC Firms

Manufacturers, fabricators, architects, and engineers can have us make parametric and non-parametric Revit family libraries for their product model catalogs that clients can download directly from their websites. 

Experienced BIM experts with expertise in AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD,  Fusion 360, and SketchUp

We help building designers focus on the bigger picture by creating Revit families for Revit architecture services and Revit MEP services. 

A one-stop solution for efficient and budget friendly BIM object creation services. 

Superior technological resources to handle demanding and complex custom Revit family creation.

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Revit Family Creation

Create Tailor Made BIM Objects With Leading Revit BIM Company, USA

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some Revit families are already preloaded in the Revit templates. You can load other families from the following sources: 

  • Pre installed Revit library  
  • manufacturers’ websites 
  • Third party websites 

To create a custom family in Revit, follow the steps below: 

  1. Locate an element of the desired kind in the drawing area (Ex: Door). 
  2. Select "Edit Type" on the Properties palette. 
  3. Select Duplicate in the Type Properties dialogue box. 
  4. Give the new type a name in the Name dialogue box, and then click OK. 
  5. Define the type's characteristics as needed. 
  6. Select Preview to see a sample of the new element type 
  7. Select Type Properties, and then click OK. 

The 3 kinds of families in Revit services are:  

  • System families: Walls, roofs, and floors are all examples of the kinds of fundamental building components that are called system families. Revit provides predefined system families. 
  • Loadable families: Loadable families are the most common type of family to design and edit in Revit due to their adaptability. Loadable families, in contrast to system families, are developed in separate RFA files and then loaded into your projects. 
  • In-place families: In Place families are similar to loadable families, however, there is one significant distinction. In-Place families cannot be established or utilized on their own. These families, on the other hand, can be created, updated, and placed within the same model that the in-place family is hosted in. 

You can access a variety of downloadable content for use with Revit family libraries at the following websites: 

  1. NBS National BIM Library 
  2. BIM Store 
  3. Autodesk Seek 
  4. BIM Object
  5. Modlar 

But for specially customized Revit families for your project, contact our Revit drafting services experts. 

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