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Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Infrastructure

Building Information Modeling (BIM) – an intelligent 3D modeling technique provides AEC professionals with the right insight for efficient construction planning, design, and building infrastructure facilities like bridges and highways. Using BIM Modeling Services, project information from planning to decommissioning is digitally shared amongst all stakeholders. As a result, there is efficient data exchange throughout the different stages of construction planning, building and facility maintenance.

Purpose of BIM for Infrastructure Development:

  • BIM 3D models for infrastructure describe the project and inform all stakeholders, including the off-site BIM team about transferring data from one level of maturity to the next.
  • Efficient BIM Coordination helps to produce accurate Shop Drawings and material Quantity Takeoffs.

BIM Support throughout Infrastructural Design-Build Stages:

  1. Design

  • Request for Quote
  • Selection Process
  • BIM Execution Plan
  • Preliminary Design Stage
  • Detailed Design Development
  1. Construction
  • Request for Proposal
  • Bid Review
  • BEP
  • Acceptance
  1. Facility Operation & Maintenance
  • Facility Condition & System Performance Monitoring
  • Maintenance Activities
  • Emergency Response Activities
  1. Decommissioning of New Project
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Planning & Programming

Components for Infrastructure Development:

  • Processes & Policies
  • Tool & Technologies
  • Data & Standard
  • People & Skill

Benefits of BIM for Infrastructure:

BIM for Infrastructure is reinterpreted as building an information model for Infrastructure projects. The ‘I’ constitutes to be the most significant aspect of the project workflow. Building Information Modeling starts at the planning and conceptual design stage and continues throughout the facility asset.

  • Information Never Get Lost:
  • The intelligent information never gets lost with the progress through varied stages of an Infrastructure Project. The BIM tools with a dedicated workflow and a model-based design-build solution enable 3D visualization, drawings and documentation from the model.
  • Availability of Infrastructure Software Applications:
  • Autodesk provides a wide array of Autodesk Infrastructure Software Applications through planning, detailed design, as well as construction stage. Infrastructure Solutions for BIM implementation facilitate different disciplines like Road, Drainage, Rail, Utilities and Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Identify Potential Challenges:
  • Building Information Modeling integrated Autodesk Tools allow BIM engineers to identify potential challenges, enabling efficient solutions. BIM collaboration facilitates infrastructure companies to present initial design stage ideas to planners and stakeholders for determining the impact of the infrastructure projects.
  • Reduced Construction Risk:
  • 3D BIM Model makes it easier to comprehend projects, seeking stakeholders’ approval. This facilitates in decreasing construction risk as well as project cost.

Types of Infrastructure Development Facilitated through BIM Services:

  • Highway Construction
  • Bridges and Structure
  • GIS in Transportation
  • Unmanned Aerial System (UAE)
  • 3D Engineering Models
  • E-Construction
  • Digital As-Built

Autodesk Infrastructure Software Tools used for BIM Modeling:

Autodesk Infraworks 360:

  • Infraworks 360 involves a 3D design and communication platform for architects, engineers, designers and planners.
  • Mainly used in project planning and pre-engineering phases.
  • Infraworks Model connects data from different sources for viewing, analyzing, sharing, and managing information. This leads to informed decision making and gaining stakeholder approval.

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D:

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D constitutes to be a civil engineering design, analysis as well as documentation software for supporting project workflow.
  • The dynamic software changes everything in real-time, showing increased efficiency and project delivery.

Autodesk Navisworks:

  • The software reviews integrated models and data with AEC stakeholders for improved understanding and control over project outcome.
  • Principally used during detailed design and construction, Navisworks facilitate 3D clash detection, 4D Simulation & 5D Cost Estimation along with the ability to integrate design and construction data.
  • Supports third party applications for federated model creation.

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