3D BIM modeling

3D BIM modeling is a technology that facilitates a precise 3D model of a structure. It allows the integration of project-related data with the 3D BIM model to streamline the construction activities and optimize the project.

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TopBIM company has been offering 3D BIM Models and BIM modeling services to AEC professionals for the last 16 years. We have an experienced crew of BIM modelers for 3D BIM model creation as per your requirements.

Architectural 3D BIM Modeling

TopBIM company has been serving the AEC industry with comprehensive architectural 3D BIM models for 16 years. Our certified and professional BIM modelers have worked on several big and small-scale projects with varying complexities.

Structural 3D BIM Modeling

Structural BIM models assist structural engineers with the minutest details of the structural components with proper placement of the components to achieve maximum efficiency. We deliver precise and fully coordinated structural BIM models to optimize your construction project.

MEP 3D BIM Modeling

3D BIM models for MEP ensure efficient installation and arrangement of MEP systems on the construction projects. Our MEP and BIM experts deliver detailed MEP BIM models with the required level of detail to fulfil the requirements of the construction project.

For Accurate LOD(100-500) BIM Models

What is 3D BIM Modeling & Level of Detailing?

Creating a 3D model is a lot easier than you may think. With 3D BIM modeling, you can get a clear picture of what a building will look like before it’s ever even built. allows every aspect of a building to be designed and reviewed in 3D. With BIM, you are no longer limited to 2D blueprints.

The level of details or LODs in BIM refers to the detail at which the model of a building is created. There are different levels of detail (LOD 100 to LOD 500) in BIM and they are often used in conjunction with each other. BIM LOD ensures that only the most relevant information is included in the model.

Process For 3D BIM

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Process for 3D BIM | TopBIM Company

Benefits Of 3D BIM Modeling

As an architect, you have probably heard of 3D Modeling. Many people are now creating 3D models of their homes to showcase the construction process. Whether it is to create a 3D walk-through of your home or to use a 3D model to create a rendering, you will want to take advantage of 3D modeling to give your customers a real-life look at the design. Let us explore the main benefits of 3D BIM Modeling.

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TopBIM company is a renowned Building Information Modeling company in the USA. We offer a full suite of BIM services to the AEC professionals such as 3D BIM modeling, 4D scheduling, 5D cost estimation and quantity take-off, etc. Clients rely on us for 3D BIM modeling as we provide accurate BIM modeling services for their construction projects. Our BIM engineers ensure cost-efficacy, optimization of project schedule, resource management and risk mitigation for construction projects through 3D BIM modeling. 

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