revit BIM Services

Providing Customized BIM Revit Modeling Services

We are competent to provide parametric and non-parametric Revit family creation services for architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing building components. We have professionals who have been providing standard and customized Revit Models library creation based on client requirements.  

What is Revit BIM Services?

Revit families are block elements used by building product manufacturers, fabricators, architects, and engineers to create detailed BIM models of structures. It includes elements such as walls, columns, doors, windows, HVAC, MEP, and so on. Building high-impact 3D BIM Revit models based on specific customer needs is made simpler by Revit families.  

The fundamental advantage of the Revit family is data consistency, any change to a family type is updated and reflected instantly throughout the project which uses that family type.  

We offer an extensive range of parametric and non-parametric Revit families for Building Information Model creation for all the trades in AEC including structural, architecture, and MEP Services.  

Revit Family Creation Services

Get Information-rich customized Revit Models for your BIM project

Process For Revit 3D BIM Modeling

BIM modelers create Revit BIM models using various parameters. The BIM model is created in various Levels of Detailing ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500. 

We have an in house team of architects, BIM for infrastructure and civil , or MEP engineers who are experts in Autodesk Revit software to create appropriate Revit BIM models. Let us look at the steps involved in the creation of a Revit BIM model.

Process for Revit BIM Modeling

Benefits of Revit BIM Models

  • Parametric Revit Family Creation: It is an important factor of the Revit BIM model which eases the BIM modeling and design process.  
  • Better Collaboration: Revit BIM models help in better collaboration between architects, engineers, fabricators, construction managers, and facility managers. 
  • Clash Detection: It is easier to detect clashes in Revit BIM models using software such as Navisworks. 
  • Enhanced Coordination: The coordination between architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services is made easier using Revit BIM services. 
  • Save Time and Money: Revit BIM services and solutions can save a considerable amount of time and money compared to traditional drafting methods. 
  • Facility Management: Revit BIM services and design make facility management a well-coordinated and easier process.
BIM Object Creation

 Architecture, engineering, and construction projects are designed, documented, visualized, and delivered using Revit. Revit models help in visualizing the projects. It also helps in clash detection, and clash coordination. 

The distinction between Revit and AutoCAD is straightforward. A general sort of software used for drafting and design is AutoCAD. Revit is a specialized BIM software instead of a broad program that includes various tools to help with the creation of intelligent 3D models.  

Although Revit is frequently linked to BIM, they are not the same. Revit is a tool that helps with the BIM process. BIM is a methodology rather than a tool, which focuses on the development and management of information throughout the lifecycle of a construction project.

We Provide Detailed Revit BIM Services

For parametric Revit BIM 3D modeling, we provide Revit family creation services that are accurate and customized to the client’s requirements and specifications.