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structural bim services
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TopBIM is a BIM Outsourcing Company in the USA providing Structural BIM Services for Commercial, Residential, Mixed Use and Industrial facilities. Our engineers work on various structural projects for the USA and are competent with the latest construction and BIM techniques.

We work on Structural BIM Modeling projects, considering the existing structural designs, analysis, and calculations. Our BIM Engineers conduct constructability reviews before creating the structural models for smooth project coordination. Our BIM Modelers, Engineers & Steel Detailers manage complex & detailed projects for the AEC clients in New Jersey, Richmond, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, and other areas in the USA.

Our BIM Modelers develop BIM Models collaborating with Architectural & MEP disciplines for clash coordination along with constructability reviews at the pre-construction stage. Our BIM Structural Engineers are proficient in developing 3D Models with complex designs and detailing.

Owing to the decade-long experience of executing large scale structural BIM projects of diverse design complexities, we facilitate several construction companies and structural design firms to migrate to BIM platform from CAD, aiding clients in terms of cost, project management, and construction. We also ensure quality Structural BIM Modeling Services at cost-effective pricing.

Our Structural BIM & Steel Shop Drawing Services:

  • Structural BIM

We deliver comprehensive Structural BIM with structural components including beams, beams, trusses, columns, anchor bolts, and purlins, etc. Our Structural BIM Engineers create BIM models at LOD 100 – LOD 500 for fabrication and as-built purposes. We constantly update the library of Revit BIM components for utilizing structural projects. We also produce Steel Shop Drawings from the 3D BIM Structure Models

  • Structural BIM Quantity Take-Off

We generate Structural Quantity takeoffs (QTO)/Bill of Materials (BOM) & Schedules from the structural BIM models for our clients, enabling them to order materials, plan manpower, and estimate the overall construction costs.

  • Structural BIM Shop Drawings

TopBIM is also proficient in producing Structural Shop Drawing Services from Structural BIM Models. Our engineers ensure that the structural BIM drawings match the steel detailing standards of the Structural Design firms, Contractors and Steel Fabricators.

Input& Output – Structural BIM Modeling:

Input Output
– Structural Design Drawings & Calculation
– Specifications for Creating
– Revit Families
– LOD Requirement for Modeling  
– 3D Structural BIM Model
– Structural Design Development (Conceptual, Schematic & Detailed Design Stages)
-Structural Design Validation
-3D Structural Shop Drawings
-Structural Quantity Take-Off    

Our Process of Working with Structural BIM :

  • We create the 3D BIM Model creation of the structural components like beams, purlins, slabs, columns, bolts &connection details.
  • We also undertake rebar detailing under Structural 3D Modeling.
  • As we know that structural discipline is associated with the building strength, our Engineers work with design codes & standards, following the Structural BIM Modeling stage.
  • As structural is the primary discipline considered during the BIM coordination process, it is obligatory to create accurate structural modeling.
  • Our Structural Engineers use BIM software applications like Revit with the competences to integrate structural 3d modeling with design & analysis tools for imbibing incompetent project execution practices.
  • We also produce structural BIM materials and quantity take-offs and create structural Revit families for placing different structural components in the BIM model.
  • Through Structural Building Information Modeling, we explore manifold structural design options to assist in the development of a building structure having a stronger bearing capacity.

What are the Benefits of Using Structural BIM Services?

  • 3D Virtual Representation of Structural BIM components before construction
  • Integrating design calculations for producing BIM quantities & material take-offs
  • Direct extraction of BIM shop drawings from the 3D BIM Model
  • Incorporating Structural 3D BIM into 4D Construction Sequencing for phase-wise construction schedule

To know more about structural BIM Services, get in touch with the BIM Experts of TopBIM at  [email protected].