Shop Drawing

TopBIM offers accurate shop drawings services for different trades such as architecture, structure and MEP. Shop drawings help AEC contractors and professionals with precise technical details. 

Explore Our Shop Drawing Services

Explore our extensive shop drawing services for your assistance in the precise installation of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural and architectural components.

Architectural Shop Drawing

Through our detailed architectural shop drawings, we assist the architects in drafting unique and technically sound architectural designs for architectural components of the building.

Structural Shop Drawing

Structural shop drawings play a vital role in construction. They represent the minutest of the technical details and design intent for the structural components of the building.

MEP Shop Drawing

We deliver quality-assured shop drawings for MEP building systems. MEP shop drawings facilitate an enhanced representation of the arrangement of the MEP systems with accurate technical details.

Façade Shop Drawing

Facades shop drawings represent the details of the different exterior building components, such as their design, measurements, geometry, placement and connections.

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What are Shop Drawings?

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Details Included in Shop Drawings

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Detals Included for Shop Drawing | TopBIM Company

Benefits Of Shop Drawings

Shop drawings services benefit the AEC business in a number of ways. Explore the benefits of shop drawing services for building construction. 

Why choose Us?

As a pre-eminent BIM firm in the USA, we offer customized and accurate shop drawings for clients, created through systematic planning and adhering to strict deadlines. We strive to offer accurate technical information and the proper arrangement of components from several disciplines. We are a reliable source for construction shop drawings, offering shop drawings services at a reasonable price for AEC professionals. 

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