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4D Cost Simulation

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4D BIM Improving Cost-Effective Construction PlanningAcross the Globe

Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) professionals use 4D-BIM (Building Information Modeling) Technology for construction planning. 4D BIM facilitates project participants to extract and visualize the progress of construction activities throughout the project. Adopting 4D BIM minimizes clashes and the intricacy of the construction project, providing a methodology for managing and envisaging site information, altering impacts, and facilitating communication in several circumstances like informing site staff or notifying hazards.The digitized world of 4D BIM is adding to the upsurge of the BIM technology, revolutionizing the AEC sector.  

Reasons for Considering 4D BIM Technology

Integrating the information enriched 3D BIM models with added dimensions of schedule, cost and material estimation, 4D & 5D BIM modules can manage the concern of change orders on project costs & scheduling in an improved way. The process promises to reverse the construction industry’s annual losses nailed at $177B because of poor communication, rework and inefficient data management.

Contractors & Builders have several construction sequencing alternatives to choose from, such as the 4D BIM techniques, which help them to keep construction projects on schedule. The 4D BIM provides prominent substitutes for addressing project requirements and overcoming challenges. With several capabilities, 4D BIM supports the accurate information collection process.

4D Cost Simulation

Benefits of 4D BIM Support for Construction Industry:

  • Clash free Scheduling with 4D BIM – 4D BIMproduces information about the schedules of building products and systematically creates a visual. 4D BIM incorporates time-related information such as lead-time, construction & installation time, and allowances for drying & mixing period. The £8.4bn worth Greenwich Peninsula revolution is the largest single regeneration project in London that aimed to provide 15,720 new homes in seven new neighborhoods. The project required the scheduling of multiple elements and 4D simulation that facilitated the progress of monitoring the construction program and achieving the target. 4D BIM also facilitated effective planning when the equipment was required on-site, managing other parallel construction activities of the project.
  • Graphical Visualization with 4D BIM – Data scheduling is easily converted into the graphical design, which helps to compare the scheduled plan with an actual plan. The University of Virginia Health System Hospital expanded its premises without affecting daily operations with 4D BIM. The project team members implemented BIM technology along with Revit, Navisworks and BIM 360 cloud services for seamless coordination and planning of construction sequence in such a manner that helicopter could safely land at a distance of 30 feet away from construction activities. The operations were efficiently managed within 22 months with the help of 4D BIM.
  • Resource Utilization with 4D BIM – A planned data in the form of Graphs & Datasheets delivers better visibility and helps in proper resource mobility and planning. The coordinated method also facilitates optimal resource utilization, realizing improved operational efficiencies and project deadlines. 4D Cost estimation for resource utilization was implemented for China Zun tower, the tallest structure in Beijing with 108 floors across 43.7 million square meters. 652 BIM models and 800 component families were created, facilitating construction coordination and workflow. BIM workflow simulated the entire pouring process with associated resource, equipment & logistics, resulting in the project being completed in 93 hours, 7 hours less than the estimated time.
  • Improved Interdisciplinary Coordination with 4D BIM – Since rework gets minimized and workers on-site are adequately informed about what to be working upon at certain phases of a construction project with BIM, there is improved coordination among various disciplines. The contractors can easily associate this with activities of other disciplines and plan logically by enhancing the work efficiency of workers on a construction site. A UK based architectural firm facing challenges of interwoven building plans at different levels & modeling exact elements along with interpreting technical instructions in the foreign language and the inadequacy of MEP drawings lacking dimensions for pipe & systems took the help of coordinated 4D BIM model for construction scheduling using Revit & Navisworks software applications. Clashes were detected and resolved to develop a coordinated clash-free federated 4D Revit BIM model accompanied by a project video having photo-realistic models, which facilitated client gain design intent, saving costs and rework.

Outsource 4D BIM Services for Improving Construction ROI from Tejjy Inc.

  • 4D BIM Pre-Bid Presentation 
  • Provides a realistic view of the construction project
  • 4D BIM Construction Phasing 
  • Visualizes a series of planned construction events
  • 4D BIM Time Line  Solutions
  • Incorporates 3D components into construction schedule
  • 4D BIM Construction Simulation 
  • Combines 3D models with schedules to create & enhance phases
  • 4D BIM Construction & Maintenance Planning
  • Integrates services with CPM schedule to identify maintenance activities
  • 4D BIM Construction Video Animation 
  • Makes a project go live before it does on-site
  • 4D BIM Applications for Construction Planning
  • Makes planning execution & sequence easier to understand
  • 4D BIM for Construction, Demolition & Renovation 
  • Addresses & fixes improper design, material handling & procurement 
  • 4D BIM for Construction
  • Monitors real-time progress against pre-defined construction schedule
  • 4D BIM Simulation for Asset Planning
  • Establishes the logistics of asset planning from project inception
  • 4D BIM Simulation for Facility Operation 
  • Visualizes installation process, integrating schedule & resource data to plan facility operation effectively

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