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Top BIM provides comprehensive Building Information Modeling services to architectural, engineering and construction industry professionals. Embrace the BIM technology for quality-assured project delivery.

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Top BIM is a leading BIM service provider located in Florida, USA. Our team ensures quality-assured BIM services for construction projects. Having an experience of more than 16 years, we ensure quality, cost-efficacy and time efficacy through our accurate & data-rich building information models. 

BIM Services Florida

Our cutting edge and up to date building BIM services in Florida can assist you in 3D BIM modeling, 4D BIM scheduling, and 5D BIM cost estimation as well as Quantity Take Off.

3D Laser Scanning Services Florida

We provide 3D Laser Scanning Services in Florida along with Scan to BIM, as built modeling, and as built drawing creation services for documentation, renovation, remodeling, and facility management.

MEP Services Florida

Our in house Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing engineers, and BIM modelers can help you in creating clash free and coordinated MEP BIM models.

We provide effective BIM outsourcing for architecture, engineering, and construction companies all around the state of Florida by utilizing BIM technologies such as digital twinning, scan to BIM, and Revit family creation services. By utilizing our services, save costs as well as save money on materials, time, and labor.

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Get ready to make your building design, construction, and operation more efficient than ever before with our BIM and 3D Laser Scanning services. Contact our skilled and qualified BIM professionals to discuss your project. Our team is here to assist you in making your idea a reality.

Revit Family Creation Services in Florida

Revit families are an important part of 3D BIM modeling since an architectural, structural, and MEP Revit model is built utilizing numerous Revit families. Our Revit family creation aids in the establishment of Revit families for architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection. The fundamental advantage of the Revit family is data consistency regardless of Revit 3D model updates. Our Revit family creation services in Florida are an important component of BIM outsourcing. Our precise and efficient Revit family libraries can assist AEC firms in focusing on the bigger picture of the project.

BIM Coordination Services in Florida

We provide BIM clash detection and BIM coordination services in Florida for AEC companies. BIM coordination services help in finding clashes between architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services and coordinate and fix these clashes. Our BIM Coordination Services in Florida include BIM Clash Detection, Clash Report Generation, BIM Coordination, Coordination Drawings, and Design Modification. We are one of the best BIM clash detection and BIM coordination services company in USA. BIM coordination services help in the smooth and streamlined construction and facility management of your project

3D BIM Modeling Services in Florida

3D BIM modeling services in Florida assist in the creation of a 3D model for architectural, structural, facade mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services. A 3D BIM model is a cloud-enabled intelligent model for building design, construction, and operation. BIM models that are clash-free and coordinated aid in the seamless and streamlined planning and construction of building projects. The 3D BIM model aids in the analysis of the building prior to construction, detecting problems and making changes prior to the project's construction. A 3D BIM model can also aid in future renovation, remodeling, and facility management.

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4D Construction Scheduling Services in Florida

Our 4D BIM Construction Scheduling and Simulation services in Florida can assist AEC organizations in processing time or schedule-related data in a shared data environment (CDE). We assist in the development of project timeline simulations, site logistics models, and equipment routing animations. Implementing 4D BIM planning and scheduling in construction adds value to your project by removing time-related uncertainties. As a result of improved team collaboration and communication, 4D BIM Modeling in construction creates a risk-free work environment. Through 4D BIM simulation, construction professionals can remotely monitor the development of their construction projects

Shop Drawing Services in Florida

We offer architectural, structural, façade, mechanical (HVAC), electrical, and plumbing shop drawing services in Florida. Shop drawings that are clash coordinated aid in the manufacturing, fabrication, and installation of various construction components. Architectural, structural, and MEP shop drawings can be provided by our experienced and professional architects and engineers. Shop drawings are also known as fabrication drawings. Dimensions, manufacturing details, joints, weight, and connections are all included in shop drawings. Accurate shop drawings enable accurate material estimation. This ensures accurate planning and costing.

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5D Cost Estimation Services in Florida

We can assist you with the creation of BIM models for cost estimation and Quantity Take Off (QTO) using our 5D cost estimation services in Florida. Our experienced BIM quantity surveyors and cost estimators can generate precise cost estimates, which can save a significant amount of money and material waste while completing the project. Investing in 5D BIM cost estimation services can save you money in the long term. We assure accurate representation of cost and materials used at every step of the building by using thorough 5D BIM modeling for construction. 5D BIM assists project managers in properly planning construction project finance.

As Built Drawing Services in Florida

We provide as built modeling and as built drawing services in Florida using 3D laser scanning technology and the Scan to BIM process. Services for as-built drawings aid in documentation, renovation, remodeling, and facility management. Our skilled architects, engineers, contractors, and BIM modelers can produce as-built architectural drawings and BIM models that are highly accurate and detailed. As built services are provided for residential, commercial, industrial, and historical monuments. As-built drawings document design changes made during the construction phase

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Scan To BIM Services in Florida

We offer Scan to BIM services in Florida using 3D laser scanning technology. Our Scan to BIM services aid in the creation of as-built models and drawings for renovation, remodeling, documentation, historical restoration, and facility management. Scan to BIM use point cloud data generated by 3D laser scanning to generate as-built 3D BIM models using Revit software. When compared to the traditional scanning and drafting procedure, point cloud scan to BIM modeling saves time, labor, and money. We are one of the best Scan to BIM service providers in Florida, offering 3D laser scanning and as-built 3D BIM modeling.

Digital Twinning Services in Florida

We offer one of the most efficient Digital Twinning services in Florida. A Digital Twin is a virtual depiction of a building that spans its building lifecycle, is updated using real-time data, and employs simulation, machine learning, and reasoning to aid decision-making for asset management, facility management, and renovation. Incorporating BIM into digital twinning can improve efficiency. The Digital Twin creates a replica of the physical world to assist you in analyzing and monitoring the project, predicting and removing any problems, reducing downtime and controlling the total product cycle.

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