Rebar Detailing Services

Providing Rebar 3D modeling, detailing, estimation, and drawings for easy rebar installation and placement of the reinforcement at the site

Rebar Detailing Services | Rebar Drawings & Reinforcement Detailing

TopBIM Company is one of the leading rebar detailing companies delivering rebar detailing and estimation services to structural engineers, rebar fabricators, steel erectors, civil engineering firms, and contractors. Our BIM (Building Information Modeling) implemented rebar detailing services are designed to provide our clients with the necessary information for the fabrication and installation of reinforcing steel, reducing waste, and increasing efficiency.

Also, we offer Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) to assist you to stay on track with your project. Our expert rebar detailers provide structural rebar shop drawings at LOD 400 by detailing over 2500 tons of rebar per month.  

Our Structural Rebar Detailing Services Include

Our skilled rebar detailers provide rebar detailing and rebar estimating services to meet the requirement of your specific project. It helps to build owners and contractors visualize the structure. 

  • Rebar Footing Detail  
  • Concrete Slab Rebar Detail  
  • Retaining Wall Rebar Detail
  • Foundation Wall Rebar Detail 
  • Foundation Rebar Detail  
  • Column Rebar Detail
  • Beam Rebar Detailing  
  • Stair Rebar Detail  
  • Pile Cap Rebar Detailing
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Let us Know Your Structural Rebar Detailing Services Needs

Our experienced modelers will provide customized solution for your construction project

Our Process for Structural Rebar Detailing & Modeling

Our rebar detailing process is carefully designed to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and quality of RCC structures. We follow a systematic process for structural rebar detailing and modeling to ensure your project is completed to your exact specifications. 

Structural Drawing Analysis

Assessing the structural shop drawings to understand the building's dimensions and layout

Bar Bending Schedule Creation

BBS are developed from structural drawings to specify steel bar size, quantity, and location.

Steel Bar Detailing

Accurate preparation of rebar drawings of the steel bars' dimensions, orientation, and shape.

Quality Control

To ensure accurate and compliant rebar detailing drawings, quality control is performed.

Industries We Serve

We understand the different types of requirements in our rebar modeling services, which include, bending shapes, description, quantity, and laps of the reinforcement steel, and its dimensions

International Standards we follow

We are committed to providing our clients with rebar detailing services that meet international standards and codes. Some of the standards we follow include:

  • ACI 318 (American Concrete Institute)
  • BS 8666 (British Standard)
  • Eurocode 2
  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute)
  • RSIO (Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario)

Benefits of Structural Rebar Detailing

Offshore outsourcing of structural rebar shop drawings to TopBIM Company ensures easy installation of reinforced concrete. The benefits of concrete reinforcement detailing and reinforcement drawings created by our BIM implemented rebar modeling services include: 

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Rebar Modeling and detailing

Projects We Delivered

Clients Testimonial

Our clients praise us for our great results, personable service, expert knowledge, and on-time delivery.

Facilities Managers
Jannet Structural Engineer

We have worked with TopBIM Company on several commercial and industrial projects and have always been impressed with their rebar 3D modeling services. Their team is professional and knowledgeable, and they always deliver on time.

Government Agent
Louis General Contractor

TopBIM Company's Revit rebar detailing services have saved us time and money on our RCC construction projects. Their attention to detail and ability to work within tight deadlines have been invaluable

Jimmy Architect

We have been extremely satisfied with the completion of our high rise apartment project with TopBIM Company's AutoCAD detailing services. Their team is knowledgeable, skilled, and always willing to work with us to meet our project needs.

Civil Engineer
Olivia Structural Engineer

We have worked with TopBIM Company on multiple commercial projects, and their rebar detailing and estimating services have consistently been top-notch. Their team is reliable, responsive, and always delivers on their promises

Experience is the key skill for rebar detailing and estimation

Our team of rebar estimators has 16+ years of experience. We estimate your complete services and materials that are required for the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Autodesk Revit, Tekla Structures, AutoCAD, and RGS Rebar are the most commonly used 3D rebar detailing softwares. 

Following are the steps to follow to read a structural rebar drawing: 

  1. Understand the symbols 
  2. Look for the bar schedule 
  3. Identify the grid 
  4. Locate the rebars 
  5. Identify the bar bends 

To guarantee the placement and alignment of rebar in a construction project, precise rebar detailing is essential. It makes the building and its occupants safer and decreases the amount of time spent on fixing mistakes. 

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