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What is BIM (Building Information Modeling)?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a fundamental technique to ensure construction planning and efficient design collaboration. The collaborative process facilitates all AEC stakeholders, including architects, engineers, building owners, developers, contractors, manufacturers, and other construction professionals to plan, design and construct a building structure within the 3D model. The technique spans the building operation and management process using building data, enabling government and property managers to make informed decisions.

We believe that the power of BIM lies in ‘I’ or the ‘Information’, where data is collected and stored from conception to completion. The data enhances accuracy, conveys design intent, improves our knowledge transfer process, reduces change orders and coordination problems, and provides insight into existing buildings renovation.

Stakeholders benefited from our BIM Services:

  • Architect
  • Structural engineers
  • MEP engineers
  • Designers
  • Project managers
  • Contractors (General Contractors & Subcontractors)

We work with Different Levels of BIM:

Each level of BIM represents different criteria, demonstrating a level of ‘maturity.’ Our BIM levels begin with 0 and extend to 4D, 5D, and 6D BIM. Our purpose is to gauge the efficacy of information sharing and management throughout the entire building lifecycle.

  • Level 0 BIM: Paper-based drawings with zero collaboration
  • Level 2 BIM: AEC teams work with their 3D models
  • Level 3 BIM: Project stakeholders work with a shared 3D model
  • Levels 4, 5, 6 & 7 BIM: Adding in 4D scheduling, 5D cost estimation, 6D sustainability & 7D Facility Management information

Our Stages of Model Creation from LOD 100 – 500

  • LOD 100 – Conceptual Design
  • LOD 200 -Schematic Design
  • LOD 300 – Detailed Design
  • LOD 350 – Construction Documentation
  • LOD 400 – Fabrication & Assembly
  • LOD 500 – As-Built Models

Benefits of our 3D BIM Modeling Services:

  • Better 3D visualization
  • Easy collaboration amongst team members
  • Simplified design understanding
  • Reduced rework & revision

Benefits of Adopting Our BIM Levels  4, 5, 6 & 7

  • Efficient construction site planning & scheduling
  • Real-time cost visualization & analysis
  • Decreased consumption of energy in the long run
  • Better facility operational management after handover

Our comprehensive BIM services:

  • BIM for Infrastructure
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • BIM Modeling
  • BIM Clash Coordination
  • 4D Scheduling Simulation
  • 5D BIM Quantity Take-Offs
  • Revit Family Creation
  • Shop Drawings
  • BIM Facility Management
  • Off-Site BIM Team
  • COBie Services
  • Structural Steel Detailing
  • As-Built Drawings
  • BIM Consulting Services

BIM Software Adopted by us:

  • Autodesk Revit
  • 3DS Max
  • Autodesk Navisworks
  • BIM 360 Glue
  • AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • Tekla
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Solidworks
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Sketchup
  • Rhinoceros
  • Creo
  • Solid Edge

Sectors Facilitated from Our BIM Services:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hotels & Resort
  • Historic Monument
  • Residential Construction
  • Infrastructural Facilities – Railway Stations & Airports

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Take a look at our BIM projects at a glance:

We have worked on some of the most prestigious projects, like the Archer Hotelthe DC Court Housethe Niagara Restoration, and Wegmans Supermarket, etc.