Digital Twin For Smart Facility Management

Digital Twinning for Smart Facility Management

What is Digital Twin?

Construction projects use digital twins to build precise replicas of real-world spaces. Construction teams can virtually interact with the real property while in the design and planning phases because of these 3D models.

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Technologies are redefining facilities management, which is changing the comfort and functionality that users expect from their buildings. Modern structures are highly automated and equipped with a variety of control systems that enable facility managers to optimize resource use and manage their smart building infrastructures. 

The integration of all these novel Facility management services components into a workable model is the key issue at hand. Solutions through digital twin facility management can help in this situation.

site management using digital twin technology

The concept of the “digital twin” is now well-known in the manufacturing, and logistics sectors. The benefits of the technology, such as better reliability, improved production and safety, and increased cost-efficiency are already being reaped by each of these industries. 

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Digital twin facility management software that incorporates virtual modeling gives the standard 3D Building Information Modeling a new level by including real-time data gathered from connected sensors and intelligent IoT devices.

With the use of digital twinning, huge data reservoirs that were previously unavailable may now be accessed, providing a new perspective on smart building management and operations and their effects on occupant satisfaction.

Transforming facility management with digital twin

The addition of accurate, as-is digital descriptions of every facet of a built asset using digital twin modeling strengthens conventional smart facility management software. They provide precise simulation of dynamically changing facility conditions, exposing differences between the original design and actual operations. 

Take pipes as an illustration. A centralized view of the whole pipe and sewage network can incorporate modular digital twins that replicate certain real pipes and components in a virtual setting.

Together, digital replicas enable continuous monitoring of every hydraulic component to provide a picture of the complete system and its present and historical circumstances. 

Digital twinning enable network operators to have tight control over water and wastewater flows in terms of performance, allowing them to better assess capacity requirements, increase pipeline usage, and avoid problems.

To ensure seamless, error-free network operation, 3D modeling in the operations layer assists network operators in making data-driven decisions supported by intelligent condition monitoring.

Smart Facilities through Digital Twin Technology

1. Monitoring of changing conditions

The idea of dynamic or intelligent condition monitoring is not very novel. However, the condition-based tracking technologies that are now in use have frequently been shown to be ineffective, failing to provide correct data in time for prompt response to rapidly changing situations.

These solutions, in contrast to smart facility solutions, typically operate on static, historical information and reflect facility circumstances that are constantly one step behind the state of affairs at hand.

A digital twin model, on the other hand, is the data that is being gathered in almost real-time from devices installed on the property, such as inside sensors, MEP Models, HVAC equipment, lighting fixtures, consumption meters, and fire detectors.

They perfectly duplicate statistics within every facility system, continuously driven by dynamic data, adding to collective facility intelligence that reflects exact on-site circumstances and enables instant response, for example, recognizing a leaking valve or a defective sensor.

2. Predictive maintenance based on insights

Predictive maintenance software that is based on digital twinning gathers real-time data from each physical asset in a facility and compares it to earlier measurements.

Any modification to the facility’s networks and systems results in an update to the related 3D digital model. Digital replicas can detect when a particular component needs repair or replacement right away and alert the facility manager to the problem.

With this knowledge, facility operators can perform simulations to forecast how an object would behave in various scenarios and decide whether to take action. Before sending a maintenance team to a location, they are able to foresee every potential outcome.

Thanks to the chance to test several maintenance strategies. They can then improve the total asset lifecycle, avoid over-servicing and over-maintaining assets, and keep maintenance expenses in check by locating a reputable IoT development provider.

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3. Activities of autonomous facilities

With the help of digital twinning facility management software, which combines dynamic and static data from various sources into 3D models.

It is possible to gain important insights into the patterns of energy and water consumption, room occupancy, HVAC use, and other crucial aspects of facility operations.

Facility managers profit from this information since it enables them to change facility systems to improve occupant comfort. Building managers can lessen their influence on the environment by using 3D modeling technology as a digital twin facilities management solution.

By providing sophisticated insights into building parameters, digital twins enable more environmentally friendly facilities that use less water, power, and waste than conventional structures. With smart facilities solutions, those improvements lead to an improved tenant experience as well as cost optimization.

The Center for Integrated Facility Engineering at Stanford estimates that using digital twin technology can save operating costs by up to 9%.

future of Digital Twin modeling in facilities management

Digital twinning technology is quickly emerging as a driving force behind preventative and predictive measures for the future’s energy-efficient, intelligent buildings due to its unique capacity to continuously update virtual models with data gathered from physical sources. 

Improvements in IoT sensors and facilities management software pave the framework for even more cutting-edge applications, ushering a new era of humanized, self-maintaining buildings that can run without assistance from public services.

In order to better comprehend human needs, intelligent buildings will continuously investigate tenant behavior patterns (such as daytime room occupancy, preferred lighting, and temperature settings, etc.), expand their knowledge of these demands, and modify the ecosystem to satisfy them. 

In order to link with the contractors’ management systems and autonomously track device and network statuses, digital twin modeling is a must. This enables them to identify assets that require maintenance and provide all necessary data to get them back up and running.

The use of 3D modeling technology creates new opportunities for condition monitoring, maintenance, and occupant comfort, resulting in significant cost reduction. You’ll be able to comprehend the effects of your actions long before you put them into practice digitally.

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