BIM Integrated As-Built Drawings for Building Construction Management

BIM Integrated As-built Drawings

As-Built Drawings are a crucial component in building construction management, providing an accurate representation of the final building structure after completion. These drawings serve as a reference for future renovations, repairs, and maintenance, as well as an essential tool for compliance and legal purposes.

However, creating and managing As-Built Drawings can be challenging, especially in traditional construction management methods. With the advent of Building Information Modeling (BIM), As-Built Drawings creation and management have become more efficient and accurate.

This Guide Will Provide you InsightBuilding information modeling in construction management

Because conventional as-built drawings posed numerous problems for managing and sustaining construction projects during the course of a project. Due to lack of sufficient documentation for an existing building, change orders, and as-built drawing evaluation, the conventional method was ineffective for project management, rehabilitation, and renovation in the future.

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‘Rework was a frequent issue in the past that resulted in project delivery delays and added time and expense to upgrade construction data. Rework is decreased through communication that takes place at various project phases. Many professionals are employed on the construction project, which employs a dispersed management approach. Every phase where the information is not accurate resulted in errors and inaccuracies in the as built documentation. 

Why use As Built Drawings?

As built drawings are crucial data for all construction projects. 

  • Making Modifications: Based on the information in the drawings, AEC professionals can modify buildings or renovate existing ones in the future.  
  • Accessing Information: Contractors can access information on drainage systems, ducts, and other construction-related topics more quickly and effectively by retrieving as-built records. 
  • Explaining Products: The facility managers can precisely describe key goods and objects with the help of useful tools.

BIM Resolved Problems in As-Built Environment

The introduction of BIM and construction management software resolved the problems and difficulties associated with the as-built environment. Construction productivity has increased. Thanks to the development of BIM technology that combined collaborative work and automated procedures. It has helped to reduce project duration and laborious workflow as well as mitigate concerns for several projects. 

1. Precise Decision Making for Stakeholders

By limiting the primary construction parameters, project managers and surveyors are able to make precise decisions within a specific time frame. Making quality judgments in real time is possible through the right construction management software. Hence, the projects get completed on-time.

2. Reduced Wastage of Documentation

By decreasing the unnecessary paper waste of conventional documentation, construction management software and BIM can detect problems and solve them. Using BIM Services , as-built drawings can assist clients in visualizing the building and present a virtual tour of all its features. 

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As-Built Drawings - A Base for Investors in Construction:

As Built Drawing
  • Crucial Documentation Tool for Contractors: As built drawings are a crucial tool for documenting modifications made during construction. It is simpler for the contractors to see the essential action in the various phases as the construction transitions from one stage to the next.  
  • Accurate Installation Support to Owners/Clients: If the owner has to swiftly address a problem or alter any future BIM for building designs, as-built documentation is essential for accurate installation. 
  • Foundation for Upcoming Development to Property Purchasers: It is essential for buyers of real estate because it represents the final sale of the property. It gives important details about what is being sold and purchased and serves as the foundation for upcoming upgrade and development. 
  • Record Maintenance for Architects and Designers: Building designers and architects utilize as built drawings to update and alter changes and keep a record of them, which the contractors are subsequently in charge of managing.  
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What procedures apply to As Built Drawings?

It contain important information for construction projects.  The drawings must always be available on building sites whenever someone needs precise information. It is also acknowledged as a step in the commissioning process, and should be managed properly. 

  • Track Modification: Note and keep track of any additions or modifications to earlier data or information, such as materials, measurements, etc., that were made to the designs. The as built drawings provide a record of every modification made during the building process. 
  • Update Revisions: Updated revisions should be made to the drawings, and outdated data should be crossed out. This helps to construct a trail of changes, their specifications, and their causes. It include a brief description of changes made, the date that it was modified, correction, and its update. Keep the same scale if changes are made or recreate the as-built drawings. Change track in the final inspection with the drawing attachments that provide context for changing track record. 
  • Undertake Walkthrough: After a building’s construction is complete, a walkthrough is crucial to ensure accuracy in the examination of ceilings and other inaccessible aspects. 
  • Coordinate Installers & Reviewers: To prevent delays in the construction process which comes before installing systems, coordinate installers and reviewers to ensure that inspectors can examine finished installations before hiding systems.  
  • Regular Evaluation: It must undergo many evaluations at different stages of the building. Throughout construction, reviews must be completed on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Sustainable Construction Projects with As-Built

  • Social: By providing better-facilitated design that focuses on the conveniences of building users, BIM Services help to improve the project’s social sustainability.  
  • Economic: As-built documentation make it possible to estimate materials precisely and trace changes as they occur during the building process, both of which contribute to more sustainable economic growth. With BIM-based cost-estimation software, cost estimates and bills are automated throughout the whole building process. 
  • Effect on the Environment: BIM workflow and as-built drawings have made it possible to increase energy consumption and reduce a building’s environmental effect. As-Built data can be utilized in collaborative BIM design to improve and monitor the model’s development. Also, it provides precise information that aids in decision-making

Final Thought

Facility managers, owners, surveyors, and contractors are using as-built drawings to collect changes made to the building’s constructed model and record those revisions in the documentation. These are more precise, accurate, and economical for the owners to understand and keep track of changes made by anyone in the construction process. Thanks to construction management software, mobile technology, and BIM workflow.

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